Monday, May 21, 2012

I Thought He is an Arrogant Brat, but Then Grant Gustin Slap Me in The Face!

Yes, I can become so stereotypical sometimes.
Yes, I judge people by their cover sometimes.
But, yes, I made a mistakes sometimes.
Well, lots of time actually.

So, I thought this guy, Grant Gustin, was kindda a good looking guy who realized that he was good looking and acting like a brat.
But the I saw this interview and all of the sudden it feels like he slaps me in my face with his friendliness and his adorable smile.

Grant, if you read this.
I am tremendously sorry for judging you by your appearance only.
It was a huge mistake.
I now know that you are a talented person with a great attitude.
You are so humble and friendly that every time I watch you interview, I just start to laugh with you.

Hope you have a great future ahead of you.