Monday, June 15, 2009

Here I Come For...(Nothing)

Today I had an interview for an internship..
The place that I really want was full
So, they offered me another place..
But, I didn't take it though..

What can I say??
Life cannot always go as well as you want..
Che triste?? Si, molto molto, and felt so sorry for mio padre who had been accompanied me all day long..He must have been so tired..

So, after that tired morning, me and my father decided to go to a mall in Bogor..Just to refresh my head and my brain..
Then I bought a huge glass of iced chocolate full of whipped cream plus one big glaze doughnut..Hmmm..Yummy..
After I felt enough of those food..I met my sister with her friend at the movies there..Then we went together to a book store..I bought this beautiful novel by Tanti Susilawati called "Goloso Geloso"..
Yes, I bought that novel perche mi piace molto Italia..and after I read few pages I already fell in love with Chicco (the main character in the novel)..

Found these amazing rainfall little lamps in the mall..

Fuuuhh..What I really want right now is just laying down on my bed, reading my new novel, and then falling asleep without knowing it..

Come..come..a new day..

Picture of The Day

For the interview I wear this:

Dress: vintage
Vest: Dad's
Thights: Mangga dua
Sneakers: Spotec (Dad's)
Bangles: random

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tersakiti Lalu Kusibuki Diriku dengan Lifidentra

Tak henti2nya menulis postingan akhir2 ini membuktikan bahwa pikiranku sedang tak tenang..
Too many things to handle makes my mind completely going out of control..
The problems at home..(maybe it's not my bussines to handle, but still disturb my mind) really make me wanna puke..
Gosh..Hope my dad and my mom can be strong and can control this damage very well..

PS: For someone out there..trima kasih atas jasa2nya selama ini..meskipun kemungkinan ga bakal baca pesen ini tapi thx a lot for being the part of my life..But it shouldn't end like this..It hurts my feelings and my family too..

Kewajiban sebagai anggota HPD acara Lifidentra membuatku harus tak tahu malu..tak henti2nya..dan tak bosan2nya memberi kabar bahwa:

OPEN RECRUITMENT buat jadi panitia LIFIDENTRA 2009 (Liga Film Indie dan Fotografi) sudah dibuka.
Divisi yang bisa dipilih adalah: acara, HPD, danus, sponsor, perlap, keamanan, dan konsumsi..

Tinggal daftar aja dengan cara:
Ketik nama(spasi)jurusan(spasi)angkatan(spasi)pilihan1(spasi)pilihan2(spasi)pilihan3
Kirim ke 08179013335

Gampang kan???

Picture of The Day (Part One)

Jacket: vintage
Purse: Mom's
Top: Dad's
Short pants: Dad's
Shoes: Dad's
Bangles: random..

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hip Hip Hura

Senangnya hati ini..
Soalnya setelah beberapa bulan ikut di Chictopia akhirnya ada satu gaya gw yg berhasil masuk style gallerynya Chictopia..It's fun though..Joining that kindda community..^_^

Me in Chictopia style gallery page 5..

Tapi aku mau menulis kegundahan hatiku ni..haha..(my language is so annoying..)
Gue sekarang udah menyadari kalo gue sebenernya mengidap sindrom antikeluarumahan..
selama liburan ini sebenernya ada beberapa rencana (brg temen2 gw) untuk pergi ke luar kota..ada yg ngajak ke Anyer dan ke Cimelati..(Sounds fun right?)
Udah gitu lagi, dua2nya ga terlalu nuntut ongkos yg mahal..
Tapi, karena gue mengidap sindrom itu, jadi kemaren gue mulai berpikir..
"Ko gw jadi aga males buat pergi y?"

Itulah gue..Kalo udah di rumah suka maleeeeees bgt keluar rumah lagi..Padahal tujuannya kan buat seneng2..
Mungkin itu juga yg bikin gue jadi aga kurang gaul..
Abis ga susah bgt kalo mau di ajak jalan..

Gue juga aga bingung kenapa sindrom itu bisa kena ke gue..
Pertama gue pikir itu cuma gue idap sendiri aja di dunia ini..
Tapi setelah gue nonton filmnya Jim Carrey yg judulnya "Yes Man"..
Gue menyadari kita emang seringkali bikin excuses setiap kali diajak pergi sama temen2..
Dan berarti itu bukan keanehan gue sendiri aja..(Fiuuh..)

But, I don't know wether I'll join those trip or not..Still confuse..
Hopefully I can decide soon..

Well, last night I found these nice collection from one of my fave designer Jeremy Scott..I love all these pieces esp. those stuff for boys..I think that's kindda cute and girls can wear it too..Jeremy Scott is always good with printed things and some crazy fun clothes..Love him..

All pics of J. Scott Let Them Eat Gas Collection courtesy of

Sesuai janji terdahulu, gw akan tag lagi beberapa blog yg sering gw liat2 isinya..
Asyik lo buat diliat2..hoho..






Monday, June 1, 2009


I'm soooo happy..
Finally..My miserable semester is over..Done..Done..Done..
And I have 3 free months to do crazy stuff by my own..
(Including watching my boys on DVDs, imagining my crazy future, and trying to cook some new food)

My dad told me that I probably should take a driving lesson but I'm too scared to do that..Yes..I'm scared of learning to drive..

Another plan that I have is to run away from my life right now..Because I feel so bored with everything..

I mean I live my life like this over and over again for almost 20 years..

I really wanna go out somewhere..Do something crazy..

I probably should go to Bali..Hitting on some cute 'bule' (wakwak) then (hopefully) they will take me to some of their fascinating adventure..hahaha..

Or I will rob a bank and steal some money to go to LA, Rome, Milan, Madrid, London, or whatever city that I've been dreamed of for my whole life..And then go shopping, eating, and visiting Iker (in Madrid) and some of my fave actors in Hollywood..hahahahaha..

Well..Enough talking about my crazy imagination..
I'm so happy..Recently I got this nice award from this girl Risya..She's so nice that you should see her blog..

There are some rules to follow..but I'm kindda lazy to do it (sorry..)
So, I'll just tagging some of my most visiting blog..

1. risyahoneydew

3. donda

4. dachi

5. nyanya

6. dhecu

(I'll add more..I promise..^_^)

There are so many things that I wanna share to you in this post..

Lately, I got obsessed amazed with these guys..I don't know why..It just happened..

1. Matsumoto Jun

Wakwak..No Comment..^_^

2. Anton Yelchin
Brilliant actor..Yesterday I watched one of his big movies this year (Terminator Salvation)..And then right in the afternoon, when I watch TV cable, I saw him again in Jimmy Kimmel..He is so funny when Jimmy asked him about did he watch Terminator-1 (year 1984)..Then he answered..
"well, that year my age was minus 5.." (a.k.a unborn yet)
hahahahaha...What a guy..

3. Michael Cera
Cutie..Cutie..From Arrested Development..

4. Kris Allen
He is sooooo humble..And I love his winning song "No Boundaries"..
Go go Kris..

5. Guy Berryman
He is soo cool..
Ga macem2 dan ga pernah berusaha bikin kehebohan a la Chris Martin..

6. Andy Samberg
Don't know him yet??
Just type his name in youtube..You'll know how funny he is..

Then, yesterday I watched a series in Disney Channel..I know I know..Kindda childish but whatever..The series called Aaron Stone..Then, I found this girl..Her name is Tania Gunadi..

Yes..For us, Indonesian, we know names in Indonesian sound..And I googled her..And yes..she was born in Bandung..And I think she still can speak bahasa too..Amazing..Keep on going in Hollywood Tania..You rock!!

Picture Of The Day

Play around with my DIY bleached jeans (actually it was my dad who bleached these jeans..He is soooo kind)..Some big bangles..Ripped out T's..Dad's jeans vest..Rockin hair cut..Gladi sandals..And geek glasses..