Saturday, April 3, 2010

(Still) A Lot More (Tasks) Going On..But I Chose To Watch Criminal Minds..

Yess..Yess..Rather than working on my tasks (which are like a mountain high..haha)..I chose to watch Criminal Minds..
Well, maybe it was an odd choice for some of you..
I know, when you have stress, why on hell you choose that kind of show (which is full of blood and some tricky cases)..
I don't know..I think I'm just a big fan of the show..
It's smart and always comes up with a good story line..
And the PLUS factor is..
they have MATTHEW GRAY GUBLER in it..Oooh..that man is a very genius man..
It's been their fifth season right now..and it's getting darker and more intense..
If you have a dark side in you..Or maybe you have some freakish imagination..
maybe you should try to watch the show..


To catch a criminal, you have to think like one.

(Uuuuh, I love this tag line)

The BAU Team without Agent Rossi
Found Right Here

The Complete BAU Team
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