Sunday, December 29, 2013

Well..Aleks Josh, You Should be Proud of Yourself!

Alex caught my eyes (and ears) two years ago, when he auditioned for The Voice UK and sang a good rendition of "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz.

He, then, definitely stole my heart when he sang "Dream a Little Dream of Me". That performance was simple yet gave you goosebumps.  
Remember how Will. I. Am played:
"Knock, knock." | "Who's there?" | "Michael Buble." | "Who?" | "Exactly."
Ha. That was epic!

Then I found his new single called "Cruise". It's not like what you'd expected from a 17 YO boy. It combines a swing jazz mood with a touch of modern beats. It was a good music. 
Check it out:

Well, hopefully he'll make some more in the future. Why not an album, no?
Come on, Aleks! 

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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Shit. I Got Hiddlestoned!

Yes. Yes.
You read it right!
This God of Mischief has stolen many girls' heart around the world.
Don't blame me for falling in love with him.
Tom is just sooo friendly, lovely, and artsy.
He can easily play with words (in a good way, of course).
And he is such a dork! Hahaha.

Look at how he easily say, "I love Chris Hemsworth and Chris Hemsworth loves me."
I mean, come on! Not many guys want to openly show their love towards their best friend like that.

He eats with manner and loves to share ;p. Look at this video of him with Cookie Monster.(Just cute!)

He loves kids (?) (F*ck, this, I can't handle!)

He came to Comic Con as Loki. Yes, he put all the costume and stand there,full character. Just to please his fans.Such a dork!

He answer all the question in a smart and poetic way.PS: He speaks French a little! Aaaaak...another scream from a fangirl.

He has this tender look and gesture towards women. Aaaand, he will take some selfies for us. Hahaha. 
Courtesy of
This is when Tom visited Korea
 and being interviewed by Tiffany from SNSD.


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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Man, Jared Leto Did It Again!

He always amazed me in many ways.
He never ages. (Yup, we never know that he is actually freaking 41 years old!!)
And he is such a true artist, a creative man, and never stop making people realize about life and dream.
Such an inspiration.

Watch his latest shot film which tells us about people's persepctive of Los Angeles, The City of Angels.

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Monday, September 23, 2013


Name      JU XIAOWEN
Born      May 19, 1992
Origin    China
Job       Model
Agency    IMG
Key Items Geeky glasses, beanie, parka, sweater, flat shoes

She is the first Chinese decent mmodel to be the face of Marc Jacobs. 

Courtesy: ^

Love her eyes. Love her style. A mix of preppy, punk, and school girl kindda thing.

Courtesy: ^

Courtesy: ^

Courtesy: ^

Courtesy: ^

Courtesy: ^

Courtesy: ^

Courtesy: ^

Courtesy: ^

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

OH Land, Oh La La!

I've been listening to Oh Land since 2 years ago.
And I love 'Lean' so bad.

Now, she's back.
With a very different style of music and fashion.
And I'm loving it.
The super short bangs, the quirky clothes, the faster beats in her new song "Renaissance Girl".
Awesome package!
Can't wait for this Danish singer's third album on September, 24th.

Digging her super short bangs!
Image courtesy of

Check out her new single!

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Thursday, August 1, 2013

SUPERNATURAL is Super Daebakk!!

It's been three months, but I still can't move on.
I keep replaying these scenes from Supernatural season 8's finale in my head.

I think that was the best finale from the series so far, well...beside the strong ending in season 2.

Anyway, I love how the brothers finally open up to each other (again).
I mean, that's what makes me fall in love with the show in the first place.
The brotherly love between The Winchesters is the best.
So, it makes me sad when I saw them grew apart in season 5, 4, 6.

So, when I see the protective older brother, Dean, coming back...Aaaaaaaak, I'm so freaking thrilled!
When he hugs Sam and said, "I got you, lil' brother! You're gonna be just fine", I feel like the world is at peace and my life will be okay because someone's watching me.
And to see Sam finally give in to Dean is such an amazing moment.
He realize that he can't be far from his brother.
He needs him to survive, to be alive, and to be loved.

This moment when I scream "aaawwwwww"

Can't wait for season 9!

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Nasty Gal = Inspirational!! ♥♥

Sophia Amoruso is the best.
If anybody out there ask me what my dream job is...
This is my straight answer --> "working in Nasty Gal!"

And, "No Asshole" policy..I's the best!

See this video, and you'll know how fun it is to work there.


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Welcome(ing) (Me) Back!

I'm back. 

Cannot believe that March was the last time I wrote in here.
Such a long time ago.
Honestly, a lot of things have happened in the last 4 months.
For starters, I got a new job.
That's why this blog looks like an abandon house.

I got so caught up with the new life I have, that I forgot the happy feelings when I write.
I wanna tell you guys, whoever read my blog, about my new job.
All of it.
Because, for me, working is  a stage of life that can be maturing us as a person.
But, I want it to be special.
So, I'm just gonna find a better time to write all the story down.
This is the first day of fasting, btw.
I feel thirsty as hell.
Dunno why, but the more I get older the more cranky I become.
I should feel more grateful for what I have, right?
That's exactly what I wanna learn.

Be more grateful.
Be less judgemental.
Be positive.
Less complaining.
And be more appreciative to myself.



Thursday, March 14, 2013

Rihanna Goes On Tour...Again!!

Aaaah, wish she came to Indonesia.
Can't wait to see the whole show.
It's gonna be dope, sexy, and hood, I guess. ;p

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OUTFIT #3 : All Black. Instagram-ing.

Been addicted to:

Now, I know why people like Instagram-ing soo much. 

Not like many of you guys out there, I just made my IG account like three weeks ago. Why? Because I don't have enough money buy android. Hahaha. 

Untiiiil.. my mom saved the day! All of the sudden, she decided to buy me a tab to support my useless life.

And now, I'm like craving for Instagram. I find it amazing that we can capture every moments in our lives, even the simplest and unimportant one, and share them to the world. The editing is also easy, yet, we can make our pics look so..."professional", I guess. 

Guess I can give my right brain more jobs to do, then. ;p

Before I go, I just wanna share you some of my photos. It's probably not as great as many Instagramers out there, but, hey, I'm proud of them. And, I enjoy taking each one of them.

Check them out.

In the morning...

New "John Lennon" inspired glasses by @milogylollyshop


Alone on the train.

Movie time.

Sleeping in line.

The (Rail)way back home.


Visit my IG: @dheafebrina ♥♥

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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

OUTFIT #2 : Preppy, Real Madrid + Alt-J!

At one job interview...
Him: Why do you wanna be a fashion stylist?
Me: Because I love fashion, that's the one thing that makes me happy.
Him: But you have absolutely no experience in this field before.
Me: Yes, but I love fashion and am willing to learn.
Him: But you were a writer, right?
Me: I was. (I still am.)
Him: Okay, if you wanna be a stylist, explain your style.
Me: (Keep thinking and thinking, trying to find the right word to explain my absurdness.)...Hmmmmmm...Preppy, I guess.

Sighhhhh...such a disappointing answer. Again, I'm bad at explaining myself. Terrible moment when you felt like passion wasn't enough to get you a job you want.

Preppy Cat photo PreppyCat_zps463da562.gif


Bowler Hat>> Chaussure Modest Shop via FB
Peter Pan Collar Black Dress>> Ciel at Centro
Tattoo Stocking>> El'Belle Shop via FB
Postman Bag>> Vintage via Gedebage Market
Wedges>> Decimal Shoes

♪♪ Been listening to:

∆ Alt-J

an English indie rock quartet, formed in 2007. Their debut album An Awesome Wave was released in May 2012 in Europe and September 2012 in the United States and won the 2012 British Mercury Prize. (Wikipedia) 




Been waiting for:

Champions League match between Manchester United vs Real Madrid. Tomorrow at 2.30 AM. Ready and excited! #PrayingForTheBest.


Hala Madrid photo HalaMadrid_zps47c49623.gif  



Saturday, February 9, 2013

Indonesia Goes to Hollywood. It's time!!

Jeng jeng jeng jeng.
Duuudeee, they're finally here!
The trailers have come!

Yup, it's been a year or so since we heard the news about Joe Taslim playing the bad guy in "Fast & Furious 6" and Cinta Laura taking part in "The Philosopher". Yet, we still haven't seen any clip or teaser from those movie.

But, finally. This week we got what we want. 
Or, at least, I get what I want.
I just wanna see the f*cking trailer, man!

I know it's kinda cheesy being this enthusiast (hey, call me 'norak' or anything!).
But, honestly, I'm so proud of what Indonesia's movie industry has achieved.

"The Philosopher" shoot their scenes mainly in Indonesia, like Mount Bromo and Prambanan temple.
So, I'm very curious to see how they portray the beauty of Indonesian nature in there.
I'm a bit disappointed, though, seeing the trailer.
When I see the set, I guess I can still sense the "fake"-ness in it, like the wood, the stone, even the bunker, ya know.
And the CG? They're just too obvious. (Just saying ;p)
But, hey, haven't seen the full movie.
So, don't wanna judge it. Yet.

Anyway, the casts are amazing, though. 
I'm excited to see James D'Arcy (again) after his mesmerizing act in "Cloud Atlas" with Ben Whishaw.
I know he is such a true performer.
No matter how cheesy the movie is or how lame the set is, he is gonna bring the A-game to every scene he is in.
And, I am right.
He is sooo good, serious, and into the character (considering he is the oldest one on set. ;p).
Besides, you can also see so many talented rising stars in this movie.
Just to name a few, we have Rhys Wakefield (whom I admire since I saw "The Black Balloon"), Jacob Artist from "Glee", Katie Findlay from "The Carrie Diaries", and some hot British-born actors like Bonnie Wright ("Harry Potter"), Freddie Stroma ("Pitch Perfect"), and Sophie Lowe (who looks sooo cold and evil-ish in the trailer!).

I heard they will do the premiere in Berlin Film Festival first, before they show the movie in cinemas.
Can't hardly wait! 

Btw, is that Jacob Artist and Freddie Stroma in 01:59? Are they hugging? Oooookaaaaay, r they a couple there? Whooot whooot, H.O.T!

In Joe's case, I think he deserves it. Badly!
He is such a talented athlete and martial artist.
He is also tall, has a charming look and very good English.
Sooo..there is no problem at all for him to break Hollywood, no?
And, from what I heard, he already have an agent there in the US.
Hopefully, this movie won't be the last time we see him in Tinseltown.
Shine bright like a diamond, Joe! ^^   

 You can see Joe in a glance there at 01:13.

Okay, then.
Though Cinta and Joe aren't the main cast in those movies, and probably won't have many dialogues to say (who knows?), but they're already there, taking part in such a huge international movie production.
No matter what haters are gonna say, I think it's a good start for Indonesian actors to begin invading Hollywood.
It is also a good inspiration for young people out there who have a dream to be a professional actors, yet still afraid to achieve it and don't know how to make it happen.

There are no boundaries in making your dream come true.
Including being an international actors.
Just keep trying and making movies.
Then, the world will see it, eventually.

And for me?
As a movie-goer/lover/believer, I will always support, watch, and pray that one day, there will be tons of Indonesian people working around the world to make great movies!
Fingers cross!

✙ Dheyzhere  

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Nice Quote #4 & #5

"Stop thinking you're not good enough. You are beautiful & way stronger than you realize. Stand up for yourself, don't just let people tear you down, because soon enough...You'll start tearing yourself down."

~McKenzie Hassler


"Take a step back. You're human. You are beautiful. You are so beautiful. & you can be anything. You can be everything. Don't hate because someone broke your heart. Or because your parents split. Or because your best friend betrayed you. Or because the kid down the street called you fat, ugly, stupid or worthless. Cry when you want too, let go when its time. Don't hang onto painful memories because your afraid to let go. Let go of things that are in the past. Forget things that aren't worth remembering. Stop taking life for granted. Live for something. Live for yourself. Fall in love. Fall out of love. Question things. Tell someone how you really feel. Sleep under the stars. Create. Imagine. Inspire. Meet new people. Make someones day. Follow your dreams. Live life to the fullest. And one day when your old, look back with no regrets."