Tuesday, December 28, 2010

127 hours

Well, realizing it or not, I've been watching a lot of Mr. James Franco's movies for a while.
There're some of memorable movies from this man.
Just say The Ape, Pineapple Express, Spiderman, Milk, and Howl.
From there, I can see how brilliant he is in his job.
And, how enjoyable, watching him on big screen.

Well, I may not watch you from Freaks and Geeks...
But I can guarantee you that I am one of your big fans, Mr. Franco!!!

And this is the next movie I wanna find.
Another masterpiece from him that I should watch.
(PS: Thanks to Dachi, S.Sos anu geulis who gave me the info, ^______~)


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Nice Quote #2

"The average people love to be average because nobody bothers them."

-Kelly Cutrone, The City

Friday, December 17, 2010

School, Watching, Playing

It's been raining all month long here in Indonesia.
At least in my place.
Small place called Bojong.
It will be very cold in the morning, then very hot in the middle of the day.
And the weather will be back to cold at night.
Well, I live in a tropical country for my whole life.
So, I don't really get along with cold weather. (nor hot weather, ^____~)
So, that's why I often use cardigans or jacket or long sleeves top recently.

So, here are things I did yesterday.
  • Went to campus with full warm wardrobe.

Red Bowler Hat>>
Somewhere in Depok, Ruffle Shirt>> Somewhere in Depok, Cardigans>> Cheap Stuff, Pants>> Mum's, Brown Wedges>> Centro, Bag>> Vintage, Glasses>> Vintage

  • Went home and played around with Noni.
  • Watched They Kiss Again (It Started With A Kiss 2 Taiwanese Version)
I am kindda obsessed with the couple, Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng. I think they really have a great chemistry. Well, people said to me that the Japanese version or the Korean version is better. I don't know. I think I love this version better. It's funny and lovable. And the family interaction, uuh, sooo funny and natural. So, I recommend you to watch this Taiwanese version. You will not regret it! Oh, you better watch the 1st season first, to know how hard Xiang Qin tries to win Zhi Su's heart.

Source: ^ ^ ^
  • Watched Indonesia National Team beat Philippines 1-0.
  • Watched "Udin Bui" in the middle of the football game on MNC TV.
They have a great cast like Lukman Sardi and Tora Sudiro. The script is soooo funny and the idea of telling the story is so creative.
  • Read Q.E.D before sleeping.
  • Oh, and I found GD & TOP new MV "High High"..Really cool stuff.. I love both of them.

Peace Out,

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Theme

It's already weekend again.
Yaaay, time to take some pictures.
Now, I wanna go for Christmas theme.
Well, I don't celebrate Christmas.
But, after watching the latest episode of Glee ..
I fell in love with the cardigan and shawl they wear.
You know, the combination of maroon and green.
It looks pretty awesome.

Source: here, here

So, I decided to wear red and green clothes.
Hmm, actually, maybe this is the first time I took my pictures with a theme to guide it.
I usually go for randomness.
I love randomness.
No theme.
But, change is good sometimes.

So, here they are.
My Christmas theme pictures.

Reminding me of Tom Hanks pose in the movie poster, The Terminal...

It should be animated, but I don't know why it doesn't work, haha, sad..

Green Dress>> Luna Maya for Hardware, Pattern Leggings>> Vintage, Boots>> Dad's, Belt>> Mum's, Bag>> Vintage from Gedebage, Red Bowler Hat>> Somewhere in Depok

Oh, and I have a plan to change my blog's header. I plan to use this picture because I love my boyfriend, Hachiko, soo much. What do you think?


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Learn and Move On

Real Madrid got a great lesson from Barcelona on the last el clasico match.
There's no time to be sad or ashamed.
It is what it is.
Just learn from the master and move on.
There are plenty of chance to be happy in the last season.
I will never stop supporting Real Madrid.

Source: + + + + + + + +

Just took some pictures with my sister today.
To cheer me up.

Photos: Thanks, Dit.

Softball Jacket>> Nevada, Floral Dress>> Somewhere in Bogor, Leggings>> Cheap Stuff, Boots>> Dad's, Red Backpack>> Sister's