Thursday, December 22, 2011


You have to, have to, have to watch this show..
The whole casts are perfect for their character.
The dialogues are witty.
The plots are amazing.
The suits are Tom Ford, which are really really cool. ^^

And, I guarantee you. You will instantly fall in love with the two leading men chemistry. 
They just get it.
Never thought Gabriel Macht will be that nice in real life, though. Hehe.
(Considering how he portrayed Harvey Specter and how he bullied Mike Ross)
Great actor!


Monday, December 19, 2011

Prints All The Way

You know, I’ve been telling you a few times that I love prints and patterns so much. 
That’s why my favorite designer are Mark Eley and Wakako Kishimoto from Eley Kishimoto. They always have a joy on playing in different prints every collection. 

Recently, I also fall in love with another British designer, Charlotte Taylor, who also loves to play with different kind of prints. 

Aaah, I love British designers. 
I love prints. 
That’s why I will write about Charlotte Taylor design in my next post. 

And, that’s why I took some pictures with different prints today.

Prepare to fly..
In Gatot Kaca's Pose, I fly..! ^^
Just landed in a weird way.


Fish Printed Top>> ITC Mangga Dua
Polkadot Pants>> ITC Mangga Dua
Printed Scarf (used as head piece)>> Bali
Black Stockings>> Unbranded
Black Clogs>> Bee Bop
Neon Colors Watch>> Unbranded
Brown Fringe Bag>> Mum’s



Age: 18
Hometown: Isle of Wight, UK
Agencies: Model 1 (London), Elite Models (NYC), Major Models (Paris)
Height: 178cm / 5'10" 
Bust:  81cm / 32" B
Waist: 61cm / 24" 
Dress: 36 EU / 8 UK 
Hips: 90cm / 35.5" 
Shoes: 40 EU / 6.5 UK 
Hair: Blonde 
Eyes: Blue

I found Fifi when I looked over Charlotte Taylor's S/S '12 collection on her web.
She is said to have this amazing doll face and unique look.
She is, to me, looks like a baby.
Her blonde hair also makes her look so classic yet edgy, depends on how you style her.  

Here are some of her photos:

All pics courtesy of: + + + +


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

These Songs Really Cheers My Gloomy Day

They gave me this dreamy feeling somehow..

Coldplay <<Paradise>>

Cameron Mitchell <<Blackbird>>


Monday, December 12, 2011

STYLE CRUSH: I am Madly In Love with Little Mix

Seems like December is the month of joy and celebration.
Everyone seems so happy and enjoy their time this month.
That include this fashionable girl band, and also the recent winner of  The X Factor UK, Little Mix
(Previously known as Rythmix)
They were making a history, just yesterday, because they are the first ever girl band who won the competition.
They also made their mentor, Tulisa (from N-Dubz), a very very proud mama.

Besides all the euphoria, I am also happy.
As a fashion maniac, I enjoy their style.
They are just cuties.
So stylish and fun to watch.
They obviously have their own personalities and it can be seen from their clothes and accessories.
*Please take a note Indonesian girl band, you don't have to wear the exact same clothes all the time. It was kindda boring. Please wear different color and style yet still have cohesion. Take a look at Little Mix or 2NE1 from Korea, for sure.

So, without further ado, I give you, Little Mix of Their Fashion.

Occupation: Singers
Age: 18-20
Signature Style: Preppy, Funky, Edgy, Quirky (perfect combination of British street style, which I like the most).

Quirky, Edgy, and Colorful. Yesss!!

Japanese "Gothic Lolita" Influence

Black n White with Boyish Tuxedo Effect.

Bright Neon Colors, Brighten My Day!!

All pictures courtesy of: + + + +

Here are some tips if you wanna look just like "Little Mix" members:

All pictures courtesy of: +


Saturday, December 10, 2011

STYLE CRUSH: Elle Fanning

Occupation: Actress
Style: classic, simple, feminine
Trademark: Mini dress, Oxford shoes, Platform shoes, Vintage glasses, Pastel color
Next Project: Bomb (Movie, 2013)

With her "also stylist" sister, Dakota.


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Japanese Feeling

Jadi inget pas suatu hari ke Bali bareng keluarga.
Kita lagi nunggu taksi di pinggir jalan.
Dan entah kenapa sang supir bengong pas bokap manggil.
Mukanya kaya takut gitu mau nanya tujuan kita.
Pas akhirnya kita semua naik ke dalem taksinya dia baru bilang,
"Kirain saya keluarga dari Jepang, Pak! Makanya saya bingung pas Bapak manggil tadi."

Kalo dijejerin di pinggir jalan, keluarga gw emang lebih mirip keluarga dari Vietnam, Hongkong, atau Tiongkok.
Gara-gara mata yang sipit dan kulit yang kuning langsat.
Padahal, asli Sunda euy
Bokap asli Subang. Nyokap besar di Bandung.
Dan gw besar di Bogor.
So, Sunda kaaan?
I am not Japanese, but Javanese.

One day, gw iseng foto-foto close-up sendiri.
Pas udah jadi dan di-edit ternyata I feel this Japanese feeling on it.
So, I called these my Japanese theme pictures.

All photos by Dheyzhere


Friday, December 2, 2011


Just bought this new round glasses.
Inspired by John Lennon style in the 70s.
Just love the vintage feeling.


Just love these three pics combine. Triple threat.

Bowler Hat>> Shop Online
Black Top>> Ciel
Yellow Pattern Skirt>> ITC Mangga Dua
Stocking>> Centro
Wedges>> Sister's
Bracelet>> Bali
Necklace>> Just Wanderlust (Online)


Thursday, December 1, 2011


2NE1 had some awesome performances (as always) in MAMA 2011 last night.
(With superb dance and stage performance in "I am The Best" and also CL's collaboration with Will.I.Am + Appl.De.Ap in "Where is The Love". Gosh, CL's rap is the best)  
They also won 2 awards, Song of the Year and Best Vocal Performance Group.

They are, I think, the best K-Pop group that ever exist right now.
They also is the most original one.
And their fashion, muy muy caliente. ^___~

The Red Carpet

Lonely + I am The Best Performance

Where is The Love Performance


The Awards