Monday, September 17, 2012

Try to Do Something Useful, While I'm being Hopelessly Unemployed!!

It's been 2 weeks since I resigned from my job.
Deep down, I enjoy it.
But, when someone ask me, I get anxious ans super uncomfortable.
Especially when you are being labelled as an "unemployed" person.
That sucks.

But, I have a chance to go back to my roots, though.
Which is stuck in front of my laptop.
Browsing TV series, reading gossips, searching for fashion news.
Really useless.
But I miss doing those useless things.

So, I find myself finding these nice things while I'm being useless in front of my laptop.

I got obsessed (again) with these two British guys who are currently playing characters in US TV series.
So, they have to kindda hide their accent, right?
But, when their accent come out, uggghhhhh.
Fangirling mode on.
I just find it so sexy when guys can play around with a lot of accents.

The first guy is Daniel Sharman.
He plays the character Isaac Lahey in Teen Wolf Season 2.
Isaac was got beaten by his father, so he actually felt hopeless about his life.
Then, he was turned into a werewolf.
And now, he got more power to stand up for himself.

From Tumblr.

The second guy is Ryan Cartwright.
(I thought he has a relation with Rianty Cartwright, hahahaha)
I know, I know, I am so lame coz I just find his excellent acting just now.
Well, don't blame me, though.
I didn't follow Bones, so I'm kindda missed seeing him in it.
I just found him in this interesting underrated TV series for Sy-Fy channel called "Alphas".
It is about a bunch of people with great ability and super power.
Ryan played Gary Bell, an autistic, funny, witty, OCD kindda guy who can play around with electro waves, internet, and technology or something.
The acting was so natural, that I love him instantly.

From here.

I am so fucking impressed with these YG artists these days.
They kindda like stepping up the fashion bar to the top.
Waiit, I just wanna use this word....DOPE!!
I just saw GD's new video called CRAYON and the fashion was like....
#Get your crayooon, get your crayooon. Why so serious??
I want GD's hair cut, jacket, tank top, baggy pants, all those crazy prints, and huge accessories.

I also find some videos of 2NE1 in USA.
Yes, the girls have been in USA these past two months.
And they are making their fashion statement in USA by joining Jeremy Scott (again) for a cool photoshoot.
They are really can pull everything off.

Fall is coming.
A lot of new TV shows that I'm excited about.
Revolution and Elementary caught my eyes.
Awkward. is awesome. (Though I hope Ashley Rickards will wear less make up off screen : p)
Glee is back, but, honestly, not too excited.
Criminal Minds will be back soon. (Without Prentiss though. T.T)
The Voice is back. (Love Black and Adam's war)
The X Factor US is back. (The first episode is definitely boring!!)
And The Amazing Race will be back in Sept., 30th. (They are back to Indonesia, Yaaaaay!!!)
So, my eyes are full.
Can't wait to have a blast downloading those shows.

From here, here.

Fall in love with Mary Katrantzou's Spring 2013 Ready-to-Wear Collection.
Those prints, those sharp collar, those pencil skirt, those loose dress.
Get me one puhleaaase!!


That's it.