Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hey..You..Lazy Girl!! Get Your A** Back Here..

Yes, deep down I keep saying those words to MYSELF..
It's all because of my lack of posts lately..
I'm staying home coz I'm still in my day off of college..
But I don't have any desire to write anything..
Pretty scary...
For a blogger, I'm not supposed to say those kindda words..
But, it happened sometimes..
So...I'm not gonna lie or push myself to write something I don't want to..
And you don't wanna hear anymore craps from me either, right?!

But now I'm fine..
And I'm back..

My last post was about my blog's first anniversary..
I was soooo happy..Looking back trough those photos..
Those were my piece of art..
Those were the way to express my feeling..
So, I'm happy with those..
No regret at all..^___^

So, to start a new year, a new posts will be given..
And of course some new photos..Hahahaha..

What happened today:
The electricity went off almost all day (from 10 AM to 4 PM..What the f***???)..
So I wasn't doing anything actually..
It was suck..I couldn't watch TV, made a bake (coz the oven needs electricity of course), or anything..
Yes, I couldn't do nothing..Just like living in the ancient times..haha
My laptop is gone..My mom took it to get some services..
It made my day even harder..
And I'm all alone at home by myself..
So, what I did is these:
1. Sleeping
2. Listening to my MP4..Over and over and over again..I even listened into every song inside my MP4..From Super Junior, Big Bang, Arashi, Just Jack, Paramore, to Ke$ha...Hahahaha..
3. Listening to the radio in my cell phone (just like the whole songs in MP4 weren't enough)
4. Talking to Ici..Haha..My soulmate..
5. Reading a magazine
6. Taking some pictures..
7. Making some sketches..
8. Last but not least..EATING..hahahaha..

The lights were off..So I had to use candle..

I read this GIRLFRIEND magazine this whole day..^___^

These stuff were my best friends today..

Oooh..and My mom cut off the cable by the way..It's d*mn expensive she said..So I can't watch tennis anymore..Ugghhhh..Hate Hate Hate..Australia Open was held this whole week..I can't watch it...Arrgghhhh..And to make things even more ugly, my favorite player, Gilles Simon withdrew from the slam because of knee injury that he already carry since last year..Hiyaaaaa..Hope you get well realy really really soon Gillou!!!!


Payung: My sister's
Blazer: Dad's
Celana: Mom's
Scarf: ???
Ankle Boots: Belle
Ring: Mom's
Glasses: Vintage, Wayfarer
Ray Ban

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

YAAAYYYY...It's My Blog's One Year Anniversary!!!!!

Hip Hip Hurraaayyyy!!!!!!
1 year already..
I can't believe that I've already been writing in this blog for 1 year!!!

Let us celebrate...Hahaha..With what??
I don't know myself..
Well..Let's just blow a candle first..

(A Webcomic By Shane Johnson)
Source: here

But anyway,
Because I (unfortunately) do not prepare anything special for this occasion..
Let me give you some highlights of what I've done in one year..
(WARNING: A lot of pictures of me..Beware..If you wanna throw up just get out!! Hahaha)


Fiuuhhh..Just some of my works..Ternyata sudah banyak..
Hopefully..This year and the (many many) next..I'll be able to upgrade my works to a better level..Yippiiiiiii...

Saturday, January 9, 2010

I Have Some Things To Say

Ayambak..(Bukan nawarin ayam hahahaha)..I'm back maksudnya..
Setelah berlibur (dengan sangat menyenangkannya) bersama teman2ku yang cantik2 (hoeksss..) dan jago makan itu (yes, definetly), gue sudah kembali menemukan mood untuk untuk kembali memposting blog..(hahaha..finally)..

Ngomong2 soal liburan, liburan ke tasik kemaren ternyata menyenangkan sekali (buat yang ngga ikut hayolooohhh...sirik sirik..hahaha)..
Untuk pertama kalinya seumur hidup gue, gue berangkat ke sebuah kota nun jauh di sana bersama dengan teman2ku..Kan biasanya anak mamah..Jadi berangkat harus sama mamah..hahaha..
Banyak hal2 bodoh dan kocak selama tiga hari di sana..
Nanti kalo fotonya udah kekumpul semua, akan aku ceritakan versi lengkapnya..hahaha..
Maklum, selama di sana kita pake beramcam2 kamera, jadi semua orang fotonya mencar2 di kamera mana2..haha..


After finishing my holiday trip with friends, I'm back to my routine..
What is that??
Yesss, watching movies..a lot of movies..
Won't finish til I wanna vomit..hahahaha..
Last night, I (finally) watched "Fame"
I love one of the character's monologue there..
So, I'll let you read it too..

There are something success is not
It's not fame
It's not money or power

Success is waking up in the morning
So excted about what you have to do
That you literally fly out the door
It's getting to work with people you love

Success is connecting with the world and making people feel
It's finding a way to bind together people
who have nothing in common but a dream
It's falling asleep at night knowing you did the best job you could

Success is joy and freedom and friendship
And success is love

(Jenny Garrison's Monologue from "Fame")


Oooohh..ohhh..ooohh..I almost forgot..
On January 12th, this blog will have 1 it's 1 year anniversary...Yaaaayyy..
Time goes by soo fast..Without knowing it..My blog will be 1 years old in the next few days..hohoho..
I wanna do some changes to this blog..But still dunnow what I really wanna change..
Hopefully I have a really good mood to change the header and the templates..hahaha..



Get ready to blow the candle...
Source: right here

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Lets Go To Tasik!!

First of all, I wanna say Happy New Year everyone..
A bit late but it's better than not saying anything, right?? (hahaha, excuses!!!)
Well, di tahun 2010 ini gw akan bertambah tua dengan segera..haha (karena gw lahir di bulan februari)..Jadi, harus semakin siap deh dipanggil tante ato ibu sama abang2 atau sama orang2 laen..hahahaha..
Kalo banyak orang nyiapin sendiri ga suka bikin resolusi..
Cape kayanya kalo hidup kita harus terpatok sama resolusi..
Gw adalah tipe orang yg lebih suka semuanya ngalir aja tanpa harus direncanaain dari jauh2 hari..
Gw juga bukan tipe orang yang bisa rencanaain sesuatu buat jangka panjang..
mending kita bikin skala prioritas aja..mana yg lebih penting, itu yang kita kejar duluan..haha..
Jadi, di tahun 2010 ini.. walaupun gw officially bakal bertambah tua, gw masih ogah buat cuma berharapbisa semakin tenang dan bijak pas menghadapi masalah2, mau di kampus, di rumah, atau di tempat laen..
Bisa bermanfaat buat orang tua dan bisa menghasilkan UANG SENDIRI..Gimana pun caranya..HAHAHAHA


New Year = Holidaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy!!!!! Yaaaaaayyyy..
Besok gw dan teman2ku berencana buat pergi ke TASIK MALAYA..Yeeeeeeeee...
Rencananya kita mau ngobrak-ngabrik satu kota Tasik Malaya (haha, lebay) dan jalan2 ke Pangandaran atau ke Green Canyon..
Moga2 semuanya lancar dan selamat di jalan yaaaaa...