Thursday, March 24, 2011

When Everything Seems to Work Out...

When everything seems to work out,
don't let the your evil twin ruin it.


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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Music is My Number One 'Running Away from Reality" Weapon

Well, guess I am just running away from my duty.
From reality.
From the promise that I made myself early this year.
But instead, I am just sitting in front of my laptop.
Doing nothing but searching for a bunch of super cool musicians on YouTube.
How awesome my escaping technique is.
(Ironically speaking)

Here are some video that I really enjoy:


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lots of love For Jessie J

I'm addicted to her.
Especially when she performs live.
Incredible voice.
Makes me wanna take a vocal class.


Monday, March 21, 2011

Unai Casillas

If you don't know yet, but I'm sure you have already know,
Unai is the younger brother of Iker Casillas.
Recently, I just got curious with him.
It's been a long time since I saw him in these photos.

Source: ^, ^

I'm sure he is growing up fine.
But, I just want to know what's going on with his life.
I mean he is more than just an 'Iker Casillas' successor, right?

Finally, I found an amazing interview with Unai here.
From there I know that he does become a footballer.
Not a goallie like his brother, but a midfielder.
In a club called CD Móstoles.
They currently play in the third division.

He also takes some classes in university.
I think he is majoring in economy or something.
So, he said he took classes in the morning and then go to the training in the afternoon.
How awesome is that?
Smart boy with a smart choice.
If you can do both, porque no, huh?

I think Unai has showed us how he is able to not living in his brother's shadow.
I mean a lot of siblings have some troubles if the other one is more successful.
People love to compare them, right?

So, with Unai, I can see he is enjoying his life and take his own choice in career and education.
He doesn't care if he can play in primera division or not.
He is just enjoying every moment of it.

From the interview, I sense he is a total fun guy too.
Maybe Unai is the joker in the family and Iker is the mature one.

So, here are some pictures of Unai, Iker, and the family.

Iker with Unai and cousin in Austria.

Unai is a fan of Barcelona.

Never seen this before, Unai with his brother in the same car.

Unai, the joker.

I saw this Unai in a video before, right when he came to support his brother in World Cup 2010.

Unai plays for CD Mostoles.

The Casillas, minus Iker, in Austria.

Source: ^, ^, ^, ^, ^, ^, ^, ^, ^

Last, but not least..

Source: ^


Saturday, March 19, 2011

She is Rekha

Meet Rekha.
My alter ego.
She is brave, rock 'n roll, outspoken, and a bit crazy.
She doesn't like to hide her feeling.
She believes in no rules.
And, she is short tempered.
So, if you see me crazily mad to people, maybe it's Rekha.


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Friday, March 18, 2011

The Best Criminal Minds Episode Ever

I've been told you a couple times before that I am a big fan of Criminal Minds.
And today, it all comes clear.
I have no regret saying that I am truly in love with the show.

I watched the new episode, Lauren, today.
Via online, of course.
And I am loving it.
I love the script, the storyline, and everything on it.
I love the incredible act between the cast.
And, more importantly, I love how Mr. Matthew Gray Gubler directing it.

My favorite moments are:

~ When Ashley and Rossi talked after the shot, strong acting between the two actors.

~Every scenes between Emily Prentiss and Ian Doyle, I think they both are superb and strong.

~I love when JJ told everybody in the waiting room that Emily is gone. I can feel the real strong bonds between the casts in real life (considering the fact that Paget Brewster is leaving the show after this episode).

~ I love when Reid said to JJ, "I don't even have a chance to say good bye", that's when I started crying even more ugly.

~ I love how JJ called Reid "Spence" and then hug him. Just like sister protecting her little brother (I wish JJ wasn't gone too).

~ I love how Hotch kept standing like an ice. Cold and serious without letting any tears come out of his eyes. I believe he doesn't want his team seeing him suffer for the lost. Great leader.

~ Last but definitely not the least, I LOVE how MGG directing the episode. I can feel his passion through this. Congrats, Matthew! We love your work so much!!

So, this is the promo of the episode, Lauren.
If you have time, you should see this show.


Monday, March 14, 2011

Jessie J is Awesome

Kindda fall in love with Jessie J lately.
First time I saw her was when I watched her first MV on Youtube called "Do It Like A Dude".
I thought it was just like another RnB singer.
And I can't stand with the video.
It's just too much for me.
Then, I forgot about her for a while.
Until, I finally saw her performance in Brit Awards Launch Party 2011.
Her performance was super duper cool.
Plus, she sings the song like there are no boundaries, so free and colorful.
I instantly fall in love with her voice.
i think you better watch her performance live because you can see how creative and entertaining she is.

I'm sorry Jessie J.
I take back my words before.
Now, I'm officially your fan. ^^

The performance that makes me fall for her.


Just found these shoes can't resist to buy them.


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Saturday, March 12, 2011


Just bought this dress for my cousin's wedding.
I thought it looked like a kimono from Japan.
But my sister insist this dress looks more like a traditional Korean dress.
Either way, I love it. ^^


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Friday, March 11, 2011

Imaginary Boy

Imaginary Boy : Hey, girl! What's your name?

Girl : My name is Lonely.

Imaginary Boy : Oh, hi Lonely. My name is Dream.

Girl : Hi, Dream.

Imaginary Boy : I like you, you know. You are cute, stylish, and smart.

Girl : How do you know that?

Imaginary Boy : Because I am smart enough to notice that.

Girl : Nobody ever likes me. I am Lonely, you know.

Imaginary Boy : Well, guess I am the first then.

Girl : You know, I really like you too. I really like your short, brown, and curly hair. And I really love how you wear your cardigans and your watch on the top of the sleeve. And I do really in love with your mismatch socks.

Imaginary Boy : Let's get together, then.

Girl : Okay....but how? When you are on TV and I am in this world?

Imaginary Boy : You just have to Dream about me forever.




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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Today is A Good Day

Finally, my effort is paid off.
Yeah, my look (in my previous post) are there in the first page of Style Gallery in Chictopia.
I'm so happy.
Standing with all those stylish people, and some of them are Style Icon, like Iris and Daniel or Blake Jacobson or Mwa Mwa.
It makes me so proud.
Well, maybe it's not that special for some of you.
But for me, it's big when people also appreciate my work.
To see some acknowledgement from other people feel really awesome.
It also prove that you don't have to wear branded stuff to look chic.
I wear my mom and dad's stuff and people like it.
This is the picture: