Thursday, December 20, 2012

2013 Resolution

I was a girl without a goal.
For a long time.
I hate setting any target, because it sucks when you fail to achieve it.
I hate making promises that I will break in the future.
So, I always let it flow.
See how the way it goes.

But this year, I've been through a lot.
The ups and downs with my health, job, family, and emotional problems.

Just so you know, I'm a flat person.
I don't like conflict.
I don't like change.
So, my life is pretty monotonous for the last 23 years.
No big drama.

But, all of the sudden, those events came to my life without any announcement.
I was being pushed to give up all because of what happened to me.
I was being pushed to pay more attention to myself, my family, and what's going in my surrounding.

I still have a hard time adjusting what's happening in my life.
I still have a hard time accepting my condition right now.
I still have a hard time handling my emotion.
I still have a hard time figuring out what I wanna do and I wanna be.
I still have a hard time absorbing any kind of criticism that people give me.
I still have a hard time balancing my life.
I still have a hard time living a healthy life.
I still have a hard time making a good connection with my parents.

I am not perfect.
I make mistakes.
I live in fear of disappointing my family everyday of my life.
I live in fear of failure when so many people expect me to be better than who I am right now.
I live in fear that I'm gonna die useless.

I live in fear...for that long.

But I am a human being.
Just like any other human, I learn everyday.
I learn from my mistakes.
I learn from what already happen to my life.

The bad, the good, everything.
Those are the things that shapes my life, that makes me who I really am today.
It's not perfect.
It's not all glitz and glam.
But, I am eager to make amends.
To change my whole perspective.
Even adding some new principles.
And let go of my ego.

Next year, my wish is simple.

"I wanna be healthier, happier, and better as a person."

May God give me the way.


Dheyzhere ✚

Monday, December 17, 2012

STYLE CRUSH: Minzy's Purple Hair!! ♡♡

I don't understand.
What's up with all the hate?
She looks cool with the purple hair.
The pixie cut is fresher too.
So, no need to hate, right?
It looks so stylish anyway.

She looks stylish here, right?

✿ Dheyzhere ✿

MUSIC VIDEO: Bad Boy is Hard to Resist!!

These are the stories of good girls meet bad boys.
The girls knew from the beginning that these boys would bring so much trouble.
But, those boys show love that the girls haven't seen before.
Huge love that make the girls blind and forget that their relationship will definitely end in a bad bad way.
But, hey, you live just once. So, why not trying?

They have the craziest time of their lives.
They own the world together.
No one can separate them.
They break rules, they steal stuff, they ruin other people's life.
And, they are happy.
So happy that they forget this relationship is so destructive towards them both.
Until the boys get bored and finally realize that the girls are not worth it anymore.
They need another things to make their lives interesting.
Another journey, another women.
Not tied in any stupid relationship.

So they left.
They finally left the girls in the darkest place.
In a very bad shape.
The girls cry hard.
Don't wanna lose the boys.
But, it was all too late.
They already left.
With the new direction.
Left those girls behind.
With tears and anger.
So, the hunch is true, then.
The boys would bring so much trouble.
Now, the end is here.
It's finally coming.
The girls can only sob for their stupidity, naive decision, and faith that true love was still exist.
But, apparently, it's not.


These music videos pretty much shares the same storylines. I love them even they are dark and supposed to be disturbing. Loving a bad boy is something that women would love to try to do. Well, at least I wanna try it once in my life. Haha. I love the concept and I love the grunge + 90s vibes theme of these three MV. So, enjoy these f*cking stupid love story that will always happen till the end of the world!!!


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

STYLE CRUSH: White Cut-Out Dress!! ♥♥

Sooo, it's true!
Many fashion critics already predict that white is gonna be huge in Spring 2013.
Designers like Alexander Wang, Victoria Beckham, or Rag & Bone incorporate this color into their designs at Fashion Week a couple months ago.

You know what, the trend comes early though.
It's still winter, but many celebs are enjoying this trend already.
Not just a plain white color on the dress.
Many of them put the extra edge.
What's that??
The Cut-Out!!
Yess, plain white dress maybe boring and out-of-date.
So, the "cut-out accent" definitely add some edge into the dress.
I first realized this trend when Kim K wore this quirky dress by Stephan Rolland in an event in Kuwait, about a week ago.
Then, I saw Rihanna wore the exact same trend on stage when she sang for The X Factor UK Season 9 Finals.
When you see Rihanna wore the trend, no need to say more.
It's gonna be huge!!
I promise. ;p

But, you know what, watch out with all those cut-outs that you have on the dress.
It can be tricky, though.
It can makes you a sexy girl or turn you into a fashion criminal.

The cut-out is going to reveal most part of your body.
So, choose wisely which part you wanna share with the public and where you wanna put the cut-out.
Because, when you put them wrong oooor you do it too much, it can be a huge disaster.
For real!

Anyway, the verdict is here.
The white cut-out dress is definitely a "must-have" item for us, ladies!!!
Buy some, wear some for your holiday!

Singer, Cassie, is looking fierce with her white cut-out dress for LAVO event
in Las Vegas.

Rihanna wore Alexander Wang SS '13 dress while performing on X Factor. ^^

Mischa Barton at Britain Women for Women Gala, March 2012. ^^

The incredibly stylist, Chloe Sevigny, rocking this trend at MoMA
event. The black ankle boots added an extra edge to her look.
♥ her to death!! ^^

Kim K at Million of Milkshake event in Kuwait. Yay or Nay? ^^

Taylor Swift is in loove with this trend.
She wore this beautiful J.Mendel dress with the side cut-outs at ACM Awards this year.

She, then, wear the more casual version of the cut-out dress for the Radio 1
event. ^^

Nicole Richie is a true fashionista. Why? Because she already
wear this trend a year ago. She looked stunning here with her
red lipstick. Super fierce!! ^^

She also wore this 1920s inspired dress by Jason Wu, the same year.^^

Jaime King is trully becoming our new fashion sweetheart this year.
She shows us many beautiful looks on red carpets.
She isn't afraid to take risk, either, like in my previous post when she dyed
her hair blue. ^^

This is supermodel, Anja Rubik.
What was she thinking? Wearing that super high slit??
She is a supermodel for God sake.
Never left you undies behind, please!
For me, this look is really unflattering and too much. ^^

Diane Kruger look stunning in Cushnie et Ochs Spring 2013 dress at GQ
Men of The Year Party last November.


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The F*cking Motherboard and The Awesome Eye Necklace...!!

Finally, I can turn my laptop on.
Well, it took me 30 minutes to make it alive.
I could probably even do a Gangnam Style dance for 100 times while waited for my laptop to be alive.
It's the motherboard, man.
You don't mess with the motherboard.
It's like the king of your every gadget.
It even has a "mother" in its name.
See, every words that start with 'mother' have an absolute power and control to their universe.
Just say it...Mother-Earth, Mother-Nature, My-Mother.
Yess, the last one.
Don't even dare to make her mad.
So, it's basically working like your brain.
When it ruin, your every things don't even work.
So, I guess I can say my laptop is in a critical condition right now.
If he is a human (yes, I prefer my laptop as a guy), he will probably be on the bed unconsciously with infusion, needles all over his body, and the "beep-beep" thing around him.
Hope my mom will buy me a new laptop soon.

Well, on the good side, I just bought this awesome necklace.
I think this is the most random thing I've ever bought.
But I like it soooooo much.
It's really really cool.
It has this huge eyeball in the middle of it.
Aaaaah, I wanna say it again.
I f*cking love it.

Eye Neclace by JIRAVE Ducan

See ya,

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Still Feeling Grungy!!

Look, man.
Don't blame me for being obsessed with these beanies and vest.
The more look at them, the more I feel the 90s vibe inside me.
I also adore how Rihanna, Rita Ora, and Miley Cyrus rocking this style.
So, I'll probably look grungy all the time right now.
Till the mood is gone.


Beanie - Somewhere in Bogor
T-shirt - Dad's
Slit Skirt - Vintage
Wedges - Fladeo
Bag - Dad's
Tribal Vest - Modify

By the way, just found out about this couple days ago.
And I'm instantly in love with them.
(Blame "Raising Hope" for this!!)
So, they are Martha Plimpton and River Phoenix.
Martha Plimpton is Jimmy's super duper' crazy,cool, and random' mother in "Raising Hope".
And River Phoenix? Goshh, he was like superstar back then.
He was handsome, talented, and super cool.
He was like this 'hard-to-get' bad boy kinda type.
You know, like Johnny Depp or Ezra Miller in this era.
With his messy hair and good innocent acting, aaaah, my heart just melt.
It's too bad that he died too soon (at 23). T.T
Because I believe, if he was still here, he would be one of the best actors in our time, just like his (also) talented brother, Joaquin Phoenix.
I'm planning on reading more about this couple next time.
(And I already downloaded River's movie with Keanu Reeves, "My Own Private Idaho)
I'm surely gonna talk about them in my next post.
Because I think they are this unique couple --where people don't expect them to be together but the fact that they are together make people love or hate them ;p -- and have a really rad style.
Love Martha's style in late 80s and early 90s, btw.

Uber Cool Couple!! ^

That's it.