Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Nice Quote #4 & #5

"Stop thinking you're not good enough. You are beautiful & way stronger than you realize. Stand up for yourself, don't just let people tear you down, because soon enough...You'll start tearing yourself down."

~McKenzie Hassler


"Take a step back. You're human. You are beautiful. You are so beautiful. & you can be anything. You can be everything. Don't hate because someone broke your heart. Or because your parents split. Or because your best friend betrayed you. Or because the kid down the street called you fat, ugly, stupid or worthless. Cry when you want too, let go when its time. Don't hang onto painful memories because your afraid to let go. Let go of things that are in the past. Forget things that aren't worth remembering. Stop taking life for granted. Live for something. Live for yourself. Fall in love. Fall out of love. Question things. Tell someone how you really feel. Sleep under the stars. Create. Imagine. Inspire. Meet new people. Make someones day. Follow your dreams. Live life to the fullest. And one day when your old, look back with no regrets."


Monday, January 21, 2013

STYLE CRUSH: Solange Knowles

Bold. Edgy. Mix-Prints. Ethnic. Afro.
That's Solange Knowles for me.

She loves prints.
I love prints.
We are match made in heaven. ;p ♥♥

Solange at GIRLS Season 2 Premiere a week ago, wearing
Just Cavalli Pre-Fall mixed with Bottega Veneta sandals.


ϟ Dheyzhere ϟ

OUTFIT #1 : Galactico!!

PS: From now on, I think I will put a number in every outfit post.

(The theme is galactic. In Order to Celebrate Los Galacticos Winning 5-0 over Valencia this morning! ;p)
Found this amazing cosmic/galactic top a bazaar in Bogor recently.
It was a Japanese theme bazaar.
So, I'm a bit surprised I could find this top.

It's a tanktop with a flare accent in the bottom part.
I can wear it this way (and be more casual)...or...I can tuck it in to my white pants and put on a blazer to get a more formal look.

2 (styles) in 1 (piece). I like it!

Galactic GIF photo anigif_zpsc82c8f56.gif


Beanie - Somewhere in Bogor 
Cosmic Tanktop - Ungu Miung
Leather Bag - Dad
Maroon Jeans - Dual Jeans at Matahari Dept. Store
Clogs - Bee Bop at Centro
Bangle - Bali
Tribal Necklace - Ungu Miung
Feather Earings - online

✚ Dheyzhere ✚

Friday, January 18, 2013

STYLE CRUSH: Two-Piece Dress !!

Life without a job is pretty much fun and relaxing.


Even though I don't have any deadlines or articles to write, or even the responsibility to go to work from 9 to 5, I still have a lot of things to do at home.

Especially with my mom constantly going out of town for her job (like today when she has to go to Cirebon T.T) and my dad taking care of my sick grandma in Subang, I have to be the one who is responsible for taking care of the house; my sister and my 8 cats. ;p 

Sweep and mop the floor, buying some daily needs (vegetables, spices, and stuff), sometimes cooking simple food for me and my sister, washing dishes, drying clothes (yupp, I did that!), etc. Bottom line is, I am pretty much like a house maid. Hahaha.

And you know what, never underestimate the job of your house maid, my friend. Their job is physically demanding and so f*cking tiring, for God sake! Stressful too. And it's like a never ending journey that you have to go trough over and over again. Because you will always have dirty plates to wash and dirty floor to clean every day. (-______-")

So, while you have maid, respect them!

Anyway, enough of my sob story. Hahaha.
Despite having many things to do at home, I still have plenty of time to do things I like; watching new series, blogging, sketching, and reading some fashion websites. Yaaaay!!

Not everyday, though. Coz sometimes I am just too exhausted after doing those home tasks that I don't care of what happen around me. All I need is a f*cking nap!! ;p

But still, I had time watching Golden Globes last Monday, and I love it!

I love Tina Fey and Amy Poehler jokes and costumes.
I love Kristen Wiig and Will Ferrel dialogue while reading Best Actress nominee.
I love Bradley Cooper. (Who doesn't?? ;p)

And I got stuck with this trend.
Two-piece dress!

It can be a bralet + high waist skirt, a cropped top + skirt, or peplum top + long skirt.

Can't say I'm dying for this trend, though, but hey, it looks stunning on celebrities. So why not trying? :)

Cropped Top + Long Skirt = Vintage & Classy Looks!

New 'it' girl, Kerry Washington, at 'Django Unchained' Rome Premiere.
She wears J. Mendel dress.

Anne Hathaway shows off her stunning skinny body with this
white bodycon dress by Chanel at Golden Globes 2013.
She won "Best Supporting Actress" for her exhausting,full of sacrifice role
in 'Les Miserables'. Congrats!!

New Momma, Sienna Miller, who already look perfect, by the way, wear Erdem dress at Golden Globes 2013.
While many critics hate this dress, I think I love this look, you know.
It looks vintage-ish and simple.
Well, maybe it's not a 'Best Dress" material, but it's not worst, either.

Peplum Top + Long Skirt = Glamor & Stunning Looks!

Michelle Williams at Oscar 2012.
Wearing LV red dress. Superb!!

Solange Knowles (my new style icon!!).
♥ her brave style sooo much!
This time she is wearing yellow dress by Rachel Roy at Met Ball 2012.

 Bralet/Cropped Top + High-Waist Skirt = Casual Looks!

Zoe Saldana looking pretty and casual wearing Jonathan Saunders dress
at Teen Choice 2012.

Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, and AnnaLyne McCord wore bralet + high-waisted skirt.
This set of looks give us the more casual effect on the red carpet.

, Dheyzhere

Nice Quote #3

“Everything you want should be yours: the type of work you want; the relationships you need; the social, mental, and aesthetic stimulation that will make you happy and fulfilled; the money you require for the lifestyle that is appropriate to you; and any requirement that you may (or may not) have for achievement or service to others. If you don’t aim for it all, you’ll never get it all. To aim for it requires that you know what you want” 

~ Richard Koch

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Crazy MV: Avicii vs Nicky Romero "I Could Be The One"

Hell yeah, most of us live a life like this girl.
Same things, same tasks, same shit everyday.
Hell yeah, we feel crazy about it.
Hell yeah, we hate our lives.
Hell yeah, we definitely wanna destroy some things and throw the F-bomb to those pussy and arrogant co-workers. Hahaha.
(Guess we need a lot of guts and drinks to do that.)
Cheers to that!!


This girl rocks!!!
Vote her for president!

But, then...

Okay, let's pretend the last 4 seconds didn't happen.

Fat girls rules,
☩ Dheyzhere ☩