Monday, September 19, 2011

Back, Back, Back. Happily Back!

I fix my camera.
But it never came back to the way it was before.
I know.
Once it broke, it wouldn't be perfect anymore.
So, I am currently saving some money to buy a new camera.
This time I want DSLR.
So, no pain no gain, huh?
Saving, saving, saving.
Until I can buy the new one.



Bowler Hat>> ...
Sweater>> Second hand at Pasar Baru
Short Pants>> ...
Stocking>> ...
Clogs Shoes>> Connexion
Geeky Glasses>> ...

By the way, my graduation was just happened two days ago.
I have my bachelor degree now.

Hope everything will go according to the plan in the future. *What plan? None. ^^

That's it.
Done for today.
See you soon.


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Self Portrait

Well. turns out my camera is unfixable.
Or, to be clearer, it's too expensive to fix so my mom wouldn't wanna fix it.

I miss my blog so much.
I miss taking pictures so much.
I miss dressing up so much.

Hopefully I will find a way to buy a new camera real soon.

I took some self portrait pictures from my cell phone today.

Just treat the longing from my camera for a bit and a while. 

Monday, September 5, 2011

STYLE CRUSH : Ginnifer Goodwin

She is surely changing a lot.
She used to be the sweet and charming Hollywood actress with a simple style.
But now, she is edgier than ever.
Her style is now more modern and cooler from where I see.
Since she change her hair style and cut it even shorter, she just looks more comfortable with herself.
I just love her style now.
On the red carpet or on the street.
With the new sense of style, cool hair, and good acting, Ginnifer Goodwin is officially my new "Style Crush" this month.

The EDGY hair style +

All the pictures above taken from +


 Ginnifer (left) with Kate Hudson +

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Kiko Mizuhara is Uber Cute

Well, despite the rumor of the "on-off" relationship with G-Dragon from Bigbang,
(kindda makes me jealous in a way, but..haha..she is soo cute)
She is definitely a cute and stylish girl.
I love her simple yet cool style.
Oh, and the bob hair.
Waaay cute.
Just think she looks like Alexa Chung somehow.
You know, the effortlessly stylish kindda thing.
And she is so bubbly and funny too.

I like her.