Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Shit. I Got Hiddlestoned!

Yes. Yes.
You read it right!
This God of Mischief has stolen many girls' heart around the world.
Don't blame me for falling in love with him.
Tom is just sooo friendly, lovely, and artsy.
He can easily play with words (in a good way, of course).
And he is such a dork! Hahaha.

Look at how he easily say, "I love Chris Hemsworth and Chris Hemsworth loves me."
I mean, come on! Not many guys want to openly show their love towards their best friend like that.

He eats with manner and loves to share ;p. Look at this video of him with Cookie Monster.(Just cute!)

He loves kids (?) (F*ck, this, I can't handle!)

He came to Comic Con as Loki. Yes, he put all the costume and stand there,full character. Just to please his fans.Such a dork!

He answer all the question in a smart and poetic way.PS: He speaks French a little! Aaaaak...another scream from a fangirl.

He has this tender look and gesture towards women. Aaaand, he will take some selfies for us. Hahaha. 
Courtesy of
This is when Tom visited Korea
 and being interviewed by Tiffany from SNSD.


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