Saturday, February 9, 2013

Indonesia Goes to Hollywood. It's time!!

Jeng jeng jeng jeng.
Duuudeee, they're finally here!
The trailers have come!

Yup, it's been a year or so since we heard the news about Joe Taslim playing the bad guy in "Fast & Furious 6" and Cinta Laura taking part in "The Philosopher". Yet, we still haven't seen any clip or teaser from those movie.

But, finally. This week we got what we want. 
Or, at least, I get what I want.
I just wanna see the f*cking trailer, man!

I know it's kinda cheesy being this enthusiast (hey, call me 'norak' or anything!).
But, honestly, I'm so proud of what Indonesia's movie industry has achieved.

"The Philosopher" shoot their scenes mainly in Indonesia, like Mount Bromo and Prambanan temple.
So, I'm very curious to see how they portray the beauty of Indonesian nature in there.
I'm a bit disappointed, though, seeing the trailer.
When I see the set, I guess I can still sense the "fake"-ness in it, like the wood, the stone, even the bunker, ya know.
And the CG? They're just too obvious. (Just saying ;p)
But, hey, haven't seen the full movie.
So, don't wanna judge it. Yet.

Anyway, the casts are amazing, though. 
I'm excited to see James D'Arcy (again) after his mesmerizing act in "Cloud Atlas" with Ben Whishaw.
I know he is such a true performer.
No matter how cheesy the movie is or how lame the set is, he is gonna bring the A-game to every scene he is in.
And, I am right.
He is sooo good, serious, and into the character (considering he is the oldest one on set. ;p).
Besides, you can also see so many talented rising stars in this movie.
Just to name a few, we have Rhys Wakefield (whom I admire since I saw "The Black Balloon"), Jacob Artist from "Glee", Katie Findlay from "The Carrie Diaries", and some hot British-born actors like Bonnie Wright ("Harry Potter"), Freddie Stroma ("Pitch Perfect"), and Sophie Lowe (who looks sooo cold and evil-ish in the trailer!).

I heard they will do the premiere in Berlin Film Festival first, before they show the movie in cinemas.
Can't hardly wait! 

Btw, is that Jacob Artist and Freddie Stroma in 01:59? Are they hugging? Oooookaaaaay, r they a couple there? Whooot whooot, H.O.T!

In Joe's case, I think he deserves it. Badly!
He is such a talented athlete and martial artist.
He is also tall, has a charming look and very good English.
Sooo..there is no problem at all for him to break Hollywood, no?
And, from what I heard, he already have an agent there in the US.
Hopefully, this movie won't be the last time we see him in Tinseltown.
Shine bright like a diamond, Joe! ^^   

 You can see Joe in a glance there at 01:13.

Okay, then.
Though Cinta and Joe aren't the main cast in those movies, and probably won't have many dialogues to say (who knows?), but they're already there, taking part in such a huge international movie production.
No matter what haters are gonna say, I think it's a good start for Indonesian actors to begin invading Hollywood.
It is also a good inspiration for young people out there who have a dream to be a professional actors, yet still afraid to achieve it and don't know how to make it happen.

There are no boundaries in making your dream come true.
Including being an international actors.
Just keep trying and making movies.
Then, the world will see it, eventually.

And for me?
As a movie-goer/lover/believer, I will always support, watch, and pray that one day, there will be tons of Indonesian people working around the world to make great movies!
Fingers cross!

✙ Dheyzhere