Thursday, April 9, 2009

My List of New Promising Actors

So, you know I love movies so much,,

After a while I realize that I have a huge crush with some of new actors in those movies I watched..^_^..It's creepy, huh??He2..But, anyway, I think I have to make a short review about them in my blog..You may not recognize some of them (yet), but I guarantee you..When you see them act, you'll think the same way as me..That they deserve to be the next Hollywood A-listers actors..

Here they are:

1. Matthew Gray Gubler

First time saw him: in Criminal Minds as Dr. Spencer Reid
He's so charming that I instantly fall in love with his character (the first time I saw his series). Later I found out that he directed The Killers video called "Don't Shoot Me Santa" and also one hell of a great artist. What a talented young man..(Makes my heart melting..hahahaha)

If you wanna see his paintings or his art, don't be shame to visit his web at or you can visit youtube to see some crazy video that he made..I bet you'll love him in a sec..

2. Lou Taylor Pucci

First time saw him: in a movies called "Tumbsucker"..His face makes him looks like a little kid..But his acting is far from little..He's amazing and he loves to play more in some kindda independent movies or so..His role in the movies is varies from one to another so we can’t be bored of him..I think he’ll have huge chance to be more and more successful in the future..

If you wanna see the other side of him, watch Greenday video called “Jesus of Suburbia”..

3. Jackson Rathbone

First time saw him: in The OC and Twilight of course..Then I found out that he had lived in Indonesia for a while when he was young..Cool..He has an indie band too..(Rocker..yummy..)..You can see his band performed in Youtube..And wait for his movie coming next year which is a live action movie from a cartoon called “Avatar, The Legend of Aang”..Can’t wait..

4. John Patrick Amedori

First time saw him: forgot..^_^.. But then I saw him in “The Butterfly Effect” and “Stick It” and guess starring in some of the hit TV series such as Gossip Girl, House, Numb3rs, Nip/Tuck and Ghost Wisperer..(To be honest, I’m not a Nip/Tuck fan but when I found out that he was in it, I searched the on-line episode and watched it,,he2)..

5. Stuart Lafferty

First time saw him: in a movie called “Death Sentence”..First time act in a movie but already meet some great actors like Kevin Bacon and Kelly Preston..He once became a guess star in his brother’s TV series “One Tree Hill” but I didn’t realize it..(dumb me..)..(His brother,James Lafferty, is an amazing actor too)..You’ll see more of him in the future..

(Stuart, left, with his brother, James)

6. Garrett Hedlund

First time saw him: in “Four Brothers”..He was so amazing and seemed to enjoy the acting even with some huge actors like Terrence Howard and Mark Wahlberg..Then I saw him in “Troy” with Brad Pitt, “Georgia Rule” with Lindsay Lohan, and “Death Sentence” with Kevin Bacon..His acting is powerful and he doesn’t afraid to change his look for his movie..(He was bald when he played in Death Sentence)..

7. Justin Chatwin

First time saw him: in “War of The World” as Tom Cruise’s son..I thought he was just another cute young actor but he proved me wrong..I saw his annoying role opposite Jamie Bell in “Chumscrubber” and as a weird brother in one episode of “Weeds”..Then, of course you see him as Goku in Dragonball..Now, I can’t say that he is just a cute actor anymore..


Dhecuan said...

Inget nama si kakak little miss sunshine tidak? Lupa namanya tapi males nyari tau.
Dia juga oke tu aktingnya! Absurd!

dheyzhere said...

namanya Paul Dano..haha..barusan gw langsung nge-google..
iyak..emang bgs bgt aktingnya..
udh gt gayanya cuek2 aneh gmanaaaa gt..cocoklah sama selera lw dechu..hahahahaha

nyai dachimah said...

gw jg suka bgt tuh sm yang main "thumbsucker", malahan gw tertarik buat nntn film itu gara2 pas gw liat gambarnya "wah kok ada orang berwajah lucu yak" hahahaha...!
yang main di film italia yang kmrn kita tonton udh lo cari blom?

dheyzhere said...

iya dach..emang Lou Taylor Pucci tuh kiyut kiyut gmanaaaaa gt..hahahahaha..
makanya waktu ptama liat gue lgsg nyari film2 dia yg laen..
Empire falls yg gw minta lw donlot itw ada dianya..hehe