Saturday, April 3, 2010

(Still) A Lot More (Tasks) Going On..But I Chose To Watch Criminal Minds..

Yess..Yess..Rather than working on my tasks (which are like a mountain high..haha)..I chose to watch Criminal Minds..
Well, maybe it was an odd choice for some of you..
I know, when you have stress, why on hell you choose that kind of show (which is full of blood and some tricky cases)..
I don't know..I think I'm just a big fan of the show..
It's smart and always comes up with a good story line..
And the PLUS factor is..
they have MATTHEW GRAY GUBLER in it..Oooh..that man is a very genius man..
It's been their fifth season right now..and it's getting darker and more intense..
If you have a dark side in you..Or maybe you have some freakish imagination..
maybe you should try to watch the show..


To catch a criminal, you have to think like one.

(Uuuuh, I love this tag line)

The BAU Team without Agent Rossi
Found Right Here

The Complete BAU Team
Found Right Here


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Smile and Eat,


dhecuacat said...


Wah, bisa jg tuh kata2 diatas.
Tp emg ada anak krim namanya inal? hahah

Ngomong udh prnh liat Lie to Me blm dah? yg ini agak psikologi tp blood-free. Kl fringe agak scientific tp ttp blood-free.
Yg pnuh darah ma Dexter (tp darah doang ga sadis).

dheyzhere said...

Inal anak kom..hahaha
Lie to Me? Fringe? blm pernah nonton..besok mau ke glodok..cariaaah..hahaaha..

Dexter udh pernah nyoba nonton 2-3 tahan bunuhin orang mulu..haha..ud gitu ga ada yg ganteng..jd ga bisa buat cuci mata..yoooiii..hahaha