Monday, September 19, 2011

Back, Back, Back. Happily Back!

I fix my camera.
But it never came back to the way it was before.
I know.
Once it broke, it wouldn't be perfect anymore.
So, I am currently saving some money to buy a new camera.
This time I want DSLR.
So, no pain no gain, huh?
Saving, saving, saving.
Until I can buy the new one.



Bowler Hat>> ...
Sweater>> Second hand at Pasar Baru
Short Pants>> ...
Stocking>> ...
Clogs Shoes>> Connexion
Geeky Glasses>> ...

By the way, my graduation was just happened two days ago.
I have my bachelor degree now.

Hope everything will go according to the plan in the future. *What plan? None. ^^

That's it.
Done for today.
See you soon.


1 comment:

della said...

odah, kamera lo rusak kok efeknya malah jadi keren gitu? bisa blur di bagian atas doang, yg bawahnya fokus. wowowow