Sunday, February 26, 2012

Kim Jae Wook's Day Part 1

Antique Bakery makes me fall for him.
Then came Coffee Prince and Mary Stay Out All Night.
He is super stylish.
He has great hair style.
His geek glasses make me drool.
His band, Walrus, has a great sound.
He can speak Japanese very well.
Arrrggghhh, Kim Jae Wook is just great.
But, he is still in the Army now, I guess.
So, it'll be a pretty long pause for us, the "Wookie" fans.


Yuni W said...

ODAH INI LAKI JUARA BANGET!! hahah gw jg naksir berat ama doiiiii

Dheyzhere said...

Jiahahahaha..iya kan yuuun? Bikin drooling banget. Tapi kayanya abis dr army dia jd tambah tembem. Hahaha. Malah sehat gitu masuk wamil.