Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Horrible Day

It was horrible..
Yesterday, I saw with my own eyes..
One of my cute lil kittens was hit by a motorbike..
Right in front of my house..
I was sooo hopeless that I couldn't do anything..I was freezing..Standing like a statue..
Soooo stupid..
I wish I could save that poor little kitten..

After that horrible accident I couldn't stop crying..The whole day..
So sad till my eyes got really hurt..
And my head is a bit dizzy..
So, I decided not to attend school today..

I just hope everybody who ride any vehicle could be more and more careful..
Because of their carelessness, a little kitten died..

My pray will always be with the kitten..

Since I didn't go to school..I decided to finish all my tasks..
Hopefully, it will be done by tomorrow..


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