Friday, February 26, 2010

This Week...

Long time no see..
Missed writing something in my blog..
The tasks from my campus are killing me..
Can't hardly breathe sometimes..

I have a lot of things to talk to in my head..
But it's kindda hard sometimes when you're not in the right mood..haha..
Yess..I'm a moody person..

Let's sum the whole things up...
What I really wanna say is:
-I'm obsessed with Super Junior..Lee DongHae is the cutest guy on earth..^___^
-I love reading Natalie Off Duty blog
-I had a blast in my birthday
-I was sooo glad that I could finish my first news package..(I have an amazing partner..^___~)
-I have to wear glasses from now on..I have cylindrical eyes..Too bad..
-I bought new shoes without telling my mom..When she finds out..I think she is going to explode..haha
-I have new members in my family..They are 1 big mama cat..and 3 really really cute kittens..

"Binatang" Give Me Surprise

Happy Together...


T-Shirt>> Random
Skirt>> For Sale (search Byula Byula Shop on Facebook)
Shoes>> Secret (I don't want my mom to find out)
Bag>> vintage
Scarf>> Vintage
Bangles>> From Maya


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