Sunday, May 30, 2010

New Era, Full Of Stories

About School:

My sixth semester had already over. I’m so glad that I could finish this semester. Because it’s been hard for us (me and 19 other ladies in broadcast journalism). The tasks, the tests, the ups, and down, we’ve already past those stuff. Fiuuhh, finally I can get back to my normal life and take a break for a while, from those pressure that I got for almost 6 months. Now, I can write again in my blog and talk to everybody about anything I want. It’s good to be back.

About Pets:

I told you while ago that I have some pets. They are cats. I love all of them. They are really cute. The older one, we call it ‘Mama Puss’. She is pregnant (again), hahaha. Can’t wait to see her new baby, or babies, ^___^. The black one is ‘Kwonnie’. He is calm and a sweet boy. The yellow one is Hachiko. I love him soooo much. He is so cute, wild, and full of surprise. Hope I could spend my whole life with them, hahaha.

Mama Puss, Kwonnie, Hachiko

Sleeping in Yin Yang Pose, hahaha. Aren't they cute?

About My Blog:

I am a lazy person. I don’t have any desire to change my blog’s template. Sorry for that, hahaha. I’m just changing my writing style, if that’s okay. Well, hope I can open up myself more to the world. Hohohoho. I’m glad I can take some pictures again. Hope you enjoy it. ^___^

About Me:

Oh, I just bought these stuff. New liquid eyeliner from Revlon. Cute green teddy bear ring. Ribbon and feathers hairpin.

About World Cup:

I’m pretty excited about this WC 2010. I think my favorite team, Spain, have a really good chance. They have the dream team. So many talented players in every spot. So, keep my fingers cross. Hope they can win the cup for the first time. VAMOS ESPANA!!


For all the haters, who open up my blog just to LAUGH at my photos, don’t waste your time. I don’t push you to see mine. So, if you don’t like it, just go away, you know. I do what I love to do. And I’m not gonna stop taking some pictures just because you are teasing me.



Ribbon, Teddy Bear Ring>> Strawberry

Poncho>> Mom’s

Short Pants>> Vintage

Shoes>> Just Wanderlust


nyai dachimah said...

wah setelah sekian lama dah.. akhirnya ada postingan baru juga. haha..

ici ga cemburu sekarang perhatian lo terbagi ke mama mpus dan anak2 mpus?

btw siapa tuh yang lo maksud sebagai haters dari foto-foto lo?

dheyzhere said...

hahaha..iya dach, ahirnya..pasti kangen kaaan???hohoho...ici emang sering cemburu..hahaha..the haters, ada deeeh..

fidella anandhita savitri said...

aw aw aw aw.. sini sini sini kucingnya main sama om chimoy, hohoho!

Yuni Winingsih said...

banyak bener kucing lo dah hahahah eh eniwei ati2 ntar si ici dimakan sm mereka hohohoho...
eniwei, the haters, antis aja sebutnya dah biar sama kayak snsd ama suju hohohoho (efek badai korea)

What is Reality Anyway? said...

thank you! you're rockin it too! x

Nien said...


nyanya - mightybangs said...

berarti kan lo gaul kaya artis korea dah. ada anti-fans nya. hehehe. orang dgn pikiran sempit kaya gitu cuekin aja. you are yours.

Maya Safira said...

ya ampun makin byk aja kucing lo. kelola peternakan kucing aja dah buat ngisi liburan. hahaha..

VIVA SILBA. VIVA ERIC. VIVA KYU. juni sangat aheee ^0^

dheyzhere said...

Della: tetep absurd..hahaha

Yuni: iya dong yun, kucing gw skrg nambah lagi loh loh mama pus udh ngelahirin 4 anak..hahaha..dasar gila nih koreaan..smwnya nghubungin ke kore, ga lw ga nyanya ga ga mau buka siapa the haters..biar tambah penasaran..hahahaha..ici udh mau digigit sm kucing gw wkt itu..

Nien: ada deeehhh...

Nyanya: ini anak2 yah..smwnyaa Korea Korea Korea...hahaha..berarti gw udh pas nih ya buat gabung sama SM ato YG ato JYP???hahaha
Thx nya, paling bisa deh nih anak kl ngasih motivated words..

Maya:hahahaha..kl lw tau si mama pus udh ngelahirin lg 4 ekr pasti tambah siyok..hahaha..
udh siap bulan Juniiii???Siap fangirling???kyaaaaaaa....hwahahaha