Friday, September 3, 2010

In The Mood of Blogging


Farewell to you, Maya!!


Been a long time. I have this up and down mood in the area of writing. Haha. A lot of things happened to me lately. First, the school has starting again. I was kindda surprised how unready I am. After a long break (3 months), I'm still in the zone of playing, wandering, and imagining. Maybe someone should slap my face to wake me up. Haha.

I was kindda disappointed to myself too for my lack of trying finishing my degree sooner. I mean I could finish school this year but I'm hiding behind my fear.

I took a lot of picture lately, but I don't know, sometimes I don't see they are great picture. Well, I realized that I have some bad taste of styling lately. I know it isn't suppose to happen. But, the fact that it happen to me, I think I should refresh my head for a while.

Oh, these are pics that I took a while ago. I've just finished edited it.

And one amateur Photoshoped picture.

Dress>> Somewhere in Bogor, Hat>> Bali, Bracelet>> Bali, Rings>> Bali, Bag>> Vintage, Grey Socks>> Dad's



Nien said...

me too
for every aspect you wrote
1. playing zone
2. lazy to graduate sooner

Ach-chu~ (sok suara bersin) said...

o my god, kenapa farewell sih?
itu serem lo kaya ga bakal ketemu lagi aja...

ngomong2 kita belom ketemu lagi ya dah sejak sushi itu,,haha