Saturday, November 27, 2010

Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That..

I am not a kind of person that love any changes.
I am a bit conventional.
When I love something, I will wear or keep it as long as I can.
Like my cellphone.
I never change the brand since the first time I had my cell.
And my cellphone number.
I keep it since I was in Junior High.
Yeah, I'm pretty traditional.
But, I guess I need some changes sometimes.
Just to make me happy.
Recently I decided to cut my hair shorter.
I like the result.
Even though I think the bangs was kind of too short.
But, it makes me feel fresher than before.

Finishing Product!!

Thanks Mira, Nanien, Lescha for spending time with me!!

Photos: Thanks Mira and Mba2 Potong Rambut!

I did some shopping too today.
I've been saving money for a long time.
So, I decided to use some of it today.
Just spending time for the sake of my pleasure.
Girl needs a break sometimes.
So, this is me with some of my new stuff.

The Stuff


Bowler Hat>> Somewhere in Depok, Black T-shirt>> Dad's, Flower Print Shorts>>Somewhere in Depok, Black Strappy Wedges>> Just Wanderlust via FB, Bag>> Vintage, Floral Glasses>> Free Bonus From Magz



Ifnur Hikmah (iiph che) said...

Love your Shoes Odah. Just wonderlust ya??? Love it, too

dhea said...

hahahah tetep rambut pendek kok Dah,,itu ma ga berubah

gue baru nyadar loh kita dari dulu suka ngomong "Kali ini manjangin rambut!" tp di tengah jln udah ribut gara2 'kepanjangan'
khe khe khe