Friday, December 17, 2010

School, Watching, Playing

It's been raining all month long here in Indonesia.
At least in my place.
Small place called Bojong.
It will be very cold in the morning, then very hot in the middle of the day.
And the weather will be back to cold at night.
Well, I live in a tropical country for my whole life.
So, I don't really get along with cold weather. (nor hot weather, ^____~)
So, that's why I often use cardigans or jacket or long sleeves top recently.

So, here are things I did yesterday.
  • Went to campus with full warm wardrobe.

Red Bowler Hat>>
Somewhere in Depok, Ruffle Shirt>> Somewhere in Depok, Cardigans>> Cheap Stuff, Pants>> Mum's, Brown Wedges>> Centro, Bag>> Vintage, Glasses>> Vintage

  • Went home and played around with Noni.
  • Watched They Kiss Again (It Started With A Kiss 2 Taiwanese Version)
I am kindda obsessed with the couple, Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng. I think they really have a great chemistry. Well, people said to me that the Japanese version or the Korean version is better. I don't know. I think I love this version better. It's funny and lovable. And the family interaction, uuh, sooo funny and natural. So, I recommend you to watch this Taiwanese version. You will not regret it! Oh, you better watch the 1st season first, to know how hard Xiang Qin tries to win Zhi Su's heart.

Source: ^ ^ ^
  • Watched Indonesia National Team beat Philippines 1-0.
  • Watched "Udin Bui" in the middle of the football game on MNC TV.
They have a great cast like Lukman Sardi and Tora Sudiro. The script is soooo funny and the idea of telling the story is so creative.
  • Read Q.E.D before sleeping.
  • Oh, and I found GD & TOP new MV "High High"..Really cool stuff.. I love both of them.

Peace Out,


Maya Safira said...

aseekk high high bgt ya dahh. hahaha baca itu doi jd terkenal gara2 ikut di syuting videoklip itu. hehe

Dheyzhere said...

ehehehehe..iya dooong maaay..kan udah lama menanti TOP yg baru..rambutnya ga nahaaaan..

oh si noonablog itu yg dipeluk TOP ditengah2 video bukan sih?dia apaan?artis juga?