Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Theme

It's already weekend again.
Yaaay, time to take some pictures.
Now, I wanna go for Christmas theme.
Well, I don't celebrate Christmas.
But, after watching the latest episode of Glee ..
I fell in love with the cardigan and shawl they wear.
You know, the combination of maroon and green.
It looks pretty awesome.

Source: here, here

So, I decided to wear red and green clothes.
Hmm, actually, maybe this is the first time I took my pictures with a theme to guide it.
I usually go for randomness.
I love randomness.
No theme.
But, change is good sometimes.

So, here they are.
My Christmas theme pictures.

Reminding me of Tom Hanks pose in the movie poster, The Terminal...

It should be animated, but I don't know why it doesn't work, haha, sad..

Green Dress>> Luna Maya for Hardware, Pattern Leggings>> Vintage, Boots>> Dad's, Belt>> Mum's, Bag>> Vintage from Gedebage, Red Bowler Hat>> Somewhere in Depok

Oh, and I have a plan to change my blog's header. I plan to use this picture because I love my boyfriend, Hachiko, soo much. What do you think?



nyai dachimah said...

itu yang lobeli kemaren yak? pas dipake lebih kliatan bagusnya ya..
kaos yg gw beli kmrn ternyata kegedean deh (bc: utk org tinggi) :(

Ifnur Hikmah (iiph che) said...

Odah.... love your bag. Sooooooo vintage. Mau itu tasnya banget loh?!!!!........
Just wanna say< love your style