Monday, February 7, 2011

Late Post From The Birthday Girl

Yes, this month I had my 22nd birthday.
It happened on February 3rd.
But, I was kindda lazy to celebrate it.
Considering I haven't done anything to this world (yet).
I'm not that helpful to my family either.
So, I decided to celebrate my birthday quietly.
Just me and my family.
Singing in a karaoke for 3 hours.
That's it.
No extra party or anything.

But, what makes me happy is the fact that I have a lot of nice friends who really care about me.
My family?
Don't ask.
They are the best.

So, I'm just saying thank God for giving me more time to enjoy this world.
Thanks to all my friend who gave me some nice words and prayers.
May God gives back what you wanted.

I took some picture today.
With my new red coat.
Say it a present from my mom.
Actually, she just gave me the money and I bought it myself.
It's better that way.
I know what I want, so I better buy it by myself.
Here they are.


Red Coat>> Somewhere in Bogor, Peach Top>> Mum's, Scarf>> Mum's, Jeans>> Unbranded, Painted Shoes>> Yuni's, Bag>> Some Bazaar, Bow Hair Piece>> Strawberry, Ring>> Some Bazaar



Yuni Winingsih said...

ODAH! Happy belated birthday :P
iiih ada sepatu guaaaa hahahah horeeee

Nien said...

pengen tasnya