Thursday, May 19, 2011

Best Fashion & Music Combo From The Maestros

JUDAS - Gaga

Lonely - 2NE1

Best Kiss,


Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Lonely by 2NE1 is simply amazing. Love the leather jackets CL was wearing!


Sherley S. Wijaya said...

you're right, they're maestros! :D

Miss Aa said...

love 2ne1's songs..and their style..

i saw an article 'bout you in Go Girl..i adore your style..
already followed your blog
wish you can follow me back :)

Miss Aa

dhecuacat said...

ng, kl 2ne1 lagunya gini ato kaya it hurts semua sih gue bisa ngefans sama mereka. haha

eh odah, masa gue baca artikel aneh banget. tentang hasil poling 'Which Idol Instills Most Fear in Anti Fans?'

"Finally, Big Bang's T.O.P was voted in at the fifth place. The reason being that T.O.P seems to be the kind of person that would not care about anti fans, which would then illicit a sense of failure in said anti fans."