Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Gogirl Photoshoot Experience

Let's sing...
Boom, boom, pour me a beer...!

Yaay, Gogirl May edition is finally out.
And I'm in it.

Seeing myself on a page of a magazine is so surreal yet makes me happy at the same time.
That's pretty much sums up everything.
But, this is definitely a great present in this hectic time (with my TKA and everything).
What a month.

The photo shoot was happened early April.
I got an e-mail from Media Friesna, Gogirl's fashion assistant, about the plan on taking my blog to the "Rated Stylish" page.
It was a great experience though.
I learned how to do some poses and how to beat my nerve.
I admit I was a bit stiff.
But, I think it was normal, because I've been working by myself for..ever.
I take my own pictures and I direct myself.
So, when I have to learn to listen to what other people want, that was tough.
The beginning was a bit weird but then I was kindda getting used to it.

So, it was a nice experience.
The experience that I won't forget for the rest of my life.
It was a huge relief too.
You know, Gogirl knew that I am not a size zero or a model type.
But they still took me in.
So, that's what the real beauty is all about.
Everybody has a chance to show their love for fashion.

This is the final result.

The cover..(Jessie J is my idol, what a nice coincidence..^^)

The page..

And these are some 'Behind The Scenes' photos.
(Sorry, bad quality, because I haven't fix my camera just yet. Damn!!)



Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Jessie J is also my idol! I love her <3
I saw your article in Gogirl! and you look awesome (:


Nien said...

kaki bengkok! muka bengong!

euleuh standar model gogel jiga kitu nya.


dhecuacat said...

I'm happy when you feel happy!

Ngomong2 itu emang baju lo sendiri kan? Trus lo dibayar kan? jgn bilang ga dibayar, keterlaluan tu kl ga.
Odah kayanya gue harus berguru sama lo nih. Gue pengen ngubah image tapi gagal. huaaaaa

dunia kecil indi said...

selamat ya :)aku suka rok floral dan tas cokelatnya :D visit mine if u don't mind. thanks :)

nyanya - mightybangs said...

foto modeeeel!!

kejar terus dah. i'm with you.
and you looked so damn good there.

Dheyzhere said...

@Rosalinda >> Thanks a lot ^^..Yeah Jessi J rock!

@Nien >> Bwahahaha..mantabs you know how to pose..^^

@Dechu >> Hwahahaha..suami yg baik..gitu dong, ikut seneng kl istri seneng..Wah wah mau berubah image kenapa dechu? You look good as hell ko..hahaha

@Indi >> Hehe, thanks a lot

@Nyanya >> Arrrgh..arigatou my friend..Laen kali kita masuk bertiga as AB3..hahaha

toko baju anak branded on said...

wow ! kita udah lihat loh artikel kamu di gogirl :)

kita suka dengan gaya mu :)
i like it

Vionna Tania said...

congrats ya Dhea! :) love your blog <3 x

Yuni Winingsih said...

uuuuuu *langsung pose setengah kayang, muka tanpa ekspresi*

hebat deh odah! :D

chimerahead said...

hey there.
i saw your page at Gogirl! , and that was pretty cool =)

Best regards