Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Aiiih..I'm So Jealous to Yuna Zarai

I mean, come oooon...
She's living her dream.
Touring around US.
Working with brilliant people like Pharrell.
Singing in some of the coolest shows, like Conan and Carson Daly.
Attending Savages premiere.
(Waiiiit, did that means that she met Aaron Johnson and Taylor Kitsch there?? Oh noooo...!!)
Having the coolest outfits eveeeer.
(The shoes, oh my GOD. Droooliiiiiing!!!)
Touring with Allen Stone. (Whaaat??)
This girl is blessed.
Gud luck, Yuna!
Make Asia proud. 


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Qibs said...

cool entry about yuna, i am admin of twitter @yunanews, going to share this to everyone