Saturday, December 1, 2012

Still Feeling Grungy!!

Look, man.
Don't blame me for being obsessed with these beanies and vest.
The more look at them, the more I feel the 90s vibe inside me.
I also adore how Rihanna, Rita Ora, and Miley Cyrus rocking this style.
So, I'll probably look grungy all the time right now.
Till the mood is gone.


Beanie - Somewhere in Bogor
T-shirt - Dad's
Slit Skirt - Vintage
Wedges - Fladeo
Bag - Dad's
Tribal Vest - Modify

By the way, just found out about this couple days ago.
And I'm instantly in love with them.
(Blame "Raising Hope" for this!!)
So, they are Martha Plimpton and River Phoenix.
Martha Plimpton is Jimmy's super duper' crazy,cool, and random' mother in "Raising Hope".
And River Phoenix? Goshh, he was like superstar back then.
He was handsome, talented, and super cool.
He was like this 'hard-to-get' bad boy kinda type.
You know, like Johnny Depp or Ezra Miller in this era.
With his messy hair and good innocent acting, aaaah, my heart just melt.
It's too bad that he died too soon (at 23). T.T
Because I believe, if he was still here, he would be one of the best actors in our time, just like his (also) talented brother, Joaquin Phoenix.
I'm planning on reading more about this couple next time.
(And I already downloaded River's movie with Keanu Reeves, "My Own Private Idaho)
I'm surely gonna talk about them in my next post.
Because I think they are this unique couple --where people don't expect them to be together but the fact that they are together make people love or hate them ;p -- and have a really rad style.
Love Martha's style in late 80s and early 90s, btw.

Uber Cool Couple!! ^

That's it.

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