Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Welcome(ing) (Me) Back!

I'm back. 

Cannot believe that March was the last time I wrote in here.
Such a long time ago.
Honestly, a lot of things have happened in the last 4 months.
For starters, I got a new job.
That's why this blog looks like an abandon house.

I got so caught up with the new life I have, that I forgot the happy feelings when I write.
I wanna tell you guys, whoever read my blog, about my new job.
All of it.
Because, for me, working is  a stage of life that can be maturing us as a person.
But, I want it to be special.
So, I'm just gonna find a better time to write all the story down.
This is the first day of fasting, btw.
I feel thirsty as hell.
Dunno why, but the more I get older the more cranky I become.
I should feel more grateful for what I have, right?
That's exactly what I wanna learn.

Be more grateful.
Be less judgemental.
Be positive.
Less complaining.
And be more appreciative to myself.



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