Monday, June 1, 2009


I'm soooo happy..
Finally..My miserable semester is over..Done..Done..Done..
And I have 3 free months to do crazy stuff by my own..
(Including watching my boys on DVDs, imagining my crazy future, and trying to cook some new food)

My dad told me that I probably should take a driving lesson but I'm too scared to do that..Yes..I'm scared of learning to drive..

Another plan that I have is to run away from my life right now..Because I feel so bored with everything..

I mean I live my life like this over and over again for almost 20 years..

I really wanna go out somewhere..Do something crazy..

I probably should go to Bali..Hitting on some cute 'bule' (wakwak) then (hopefully) they will take me to some of their fascinating adventure..hahaha..

Or I will rob a bank and steal some money to go to LA, Rome, Milan, Madrid, London, or whatever city that I've been dreamed of for my whole life..And then go shopping, eating, and visiting Iker (in Madrid) and some of my fave actors in Hollywood..hahahahaha..

Well..Enough talking about my crazy imagination..
I'm so happy..Recently I got this nice award from this girl Risya..She's so nice that you should see her blog..

There are some rules to follow..but I'm kindda lazy to do it (sorry..)
So, I'll just tagging some of my most visiting blog..

1. risyahoneydew

3. donda

4. dachi

5. nyanya

6. dhecu

(I'll add more..I promise..^_^)

There are so many things that I wanna share to you in this post..

Lately, I got obsessed amazed with these guys..I don't know why..It just happened..

1. Matsumoto Jun

Wakwak..No Comment..^_^

2. Anton Yelchin
Brilliant actor..Yesterday I watched one of his big movies this year (Terminator Salvation)..And then right in the afternoon, when I watch TV cable, I saw him again in Jimmy Kimmel..He is so funny when Jimmy asked him about did he watch Terminator-1 (year 1984)..Then he answered..
"well, that year my age was minus 5.." (a.k.a unborn yet)
hahahahaha...What a guy..

3. Michael Cera
Cutie..Cutie..From Arrested Development..

4. Kris Allen
He is sooooo humble..And I love his winning song "No Boundaries"..
Go go Kris..

5. Guy Berryman
He is soo cool..
Ga macem2 dan ga pernah berusaha bikin kehebohan a la Chris Martin..

6. Andy Samberg
Don't know him yet??
Just type his name in youtube..You'll know how funny he is..

Then, yesterday I watched a series in Disney Channel..I know I know..Kindda childish but whatever..The series called Aaron Stone..Then, I found this girl..Her name is Tania Gunadi..

Yes..For us, Indonesian, we know names in Indonesian sound..And I googled her..And yes..she was born in Bandung..And I think she still can speak bahasa too..Amazing..Keep on going in Hollywood Tania..You rock!!

Picture Of The Day

Play around with my DIY bleached jeans (actually it was my dad who bleached these jeans..He is soooo kind)..Some big bangles..Ripped out T's..Dad's jeans vest..Rockin hair cut..Gladi sandals..And geek glasses..


Yuni Winingsih said...

dah, yang no.1 oke banged deh. like!
link balik dong dah -yuni

Nien said...

lo ikut nginep ga? makin bisa menikmati harta2 berisi jun nih

dheyzhere said...

udh gw link yun..hwehe..matsujun keren yak??

ga ikut gw nien..
takut ga bisa pulang..hoho

nyai dachimah said...

gw tetep lebih cinta sm mas mathew gray gubler.. hahahahaha! *ternyata virus mathew lebih berhasil ditularkan ke gw drpd virus arashi*

itu kaos yang lo sobek2 dg penuh kesabaran ya, dah, yang sampe lo bawa ke kampus segala. akhirnya dipake jg. keren kok, cocok sm vest dan celana jins lo. ga tau knp celana jeans lo yg terlihat kegedean justru bikin kliatan tambah ok.

btw, lo abis potong rambut?

Nien said...

loh kan anggi katanya ikutan, jadi ada temen dong ke bojongsss

dheyzhere said...

dachi: hehehe..iy..itu kaos yg mpe gw bawa2 ke ga potong rambut dach..itu fotonya emang udh rada lama..pas rambut gw baru dipotong lg..jd masih pendek..hoho..
BTW gw mw nyoba bikin cheese cake a la nyai dachimah lo..hehe

nien: oh anggi ikut??emg pada mau nginep tgl brp??