Friday, June 4, 2010

Grandma's Picture

Found these old Grandma's pictures.

Very Victorian and Antique.
It was taken after she was landed at the harbor.

Hat>> Mum's
White T-shirt>> Matahari
Plaid Oversize Dress>> Vintage
Boots>> Dad's

Hahahaha. Just Kidding. That is the plot that comes up in my mind when I see these pictures. Honestly, I don't really like the style but whatever. I like them better after I edited them.

By the way, after the last post (the one that talked about "The Haters"), fortunately, most of my friends have given me a lot of nice words. So, from now on, I don't really want to think about people who don't like what I do anymore. I prefer to take the love and support from people who really appreciate my work.
Love you guys.

Oh, and the "mama puss" has finally gave birth to 4 cute little kittens. I really wanna take a picture of them but I'm afraid I disturb their sleep. So, this pictures are not really clear, but you can see how small and cute they are! I have SEVEN cats now! Hurray!!!

Mama Puss is sleeping...While the kids are busy searching for Mama's milk...

More close up..

Just wanna share you one more photo..I can't stand for this cuteness..Isn't she cute? actually, he is not a she, but I resist to see that fact because her face is just sooooo beautiful. I love Hachiko sooooo muuuucchh!!!


dech said...

ih parah2 gue baru sadar lo ngapdet blog lo Dah!!

hahah foto nenek boongan,,pdhl gue ud sempet mikir "klan odah mirip semua (lo, adek lo, bokap, nyokap, sm 'nenek jadi2an')..."

kpn ni bojong open house??
gue bingung ni 5 minggu k dpn ga da kerjaan...haduh2

buku.sejarah.hidup.syilfi said...

gw lebih suka yang warna item dah...heheheh.. yang kuning ini terlihat angkuh..sombong gitu..

Dheyzhere said...

Dechu: bahkan lo komen ga pake lgin blog duluuuu???? Pemalaaaaasssss...hahahaha..tapi emang klan gw mirip semua loooo..termasuk nene beneran gw, bukan nene jadi2an..hohoho..

Wah bojong mah selalu open kapan aja..apalagi yang punya rumah ga berniat magang ato apa..hohoho..jd nganggur full time dirumah..kapan mau kesini??

nyanya - mightybangs said...

alhamdulillah mama puss subur banget ahahaha. walaupun it's too cute to be a he, lo harus relakan dia sebagai laki dah. ntar kucing lo tumbuh jadi transexual loh. :p