Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Time to Get Back to Reality

The Off Month is officially O.V.E.R.
As I promised before, I have to move forward starting in July.
All of my friends have been in their internship since like a month ago.
Yet, I'm still here.
Sitting and laughing in front of my laptop.
Watching the Disney show that I downloaded last night.
(It's called Aaron Stone, by the way)

Thinking about that, my feeling is absolutely mixed up.
On my selfish side, I thought it's okay for me to lay low for a while.
You know, you don't always think about your career or the other stuff just to follow what OTHER PEOPLE DO.
I just wanna be free as a human being.
Without pressure or anything that the society wants me to do.
Internships and stuff are things that people want you to do.
If you do that, your CV would be great, and people think you are active, super talented, and really great potential person.

Nooo, you can't judge people from four pieces of paper!!!
Come on people!!!!
Sometimes I just feel sick about this rule.
If you don't work and just lay low at home, people around you will think you are USELESS and LAZY.
You don't wanna change your life and take chances they say.
But, I just wanna do what I like and I want people.
That's it.

(Reality Mode On)
But, on the other side.
On my "more sane" side.
You need to do something with your life.
You are 21 years old, for God sake.
Yet, you still haven't done anything for this world.
No, no.
The word "World" is just to big.
You still haven't done anything for your family.
At least making your mommy proud.
So, you can't always do what you want in this world.
You still have to deal with what people want.
What society wants you to do.
So, move your ass up.
Get on with your life.
Find that f*cking job.
And bring money back home.
You will be great.
You can write down that shitty shit in your CV.
Right under the "Working Experience" part.

Why life push us to do what we don't like.
Even though we're not happy.
Still we have to do it.

On the bright side.
I'm trying to do an interview tomorrow.
Hopefully, it will going well.

Forget about my confusing life.
I wanna share a happy side of my life.
Yes, my cats.
They make me happy.

My sister's laptop, an internet connection, and a glass of Coca Cola. make my day happy.

Hachi and Kwonnie. Always there when needed.


Their names are Noni (the only girl with the black spot on her nose and my fave), Poci (the only black), and the twins, Rebecca + Rebecco..


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fidella anandhita savitri said...

ngomong2 lo jd 'kerja' tidak??

eh, ini masih dechu yg mengatasnamakan della.

inget dah,,bentar lagi jg ud mau kiamat
jd ga masalah kan kl ga sibuk 'meniti karir' ??