Saturday, April 30, 2011

Crying Like A Baby?

"Football is a game of men. Whenever you play against Barcelona, whenever you touch them, they are on the floor crying like a baby."

~ Emmanuel Adebayor


Finally, I feel comfortable enough to say what's going on in my mind after the nasty lost game against Barcelona a few days back.
Yes, I don't think that was cool when Jose Mourinho talked back to the linesman.
Yes, it was inappropriate when the fans entered or threw something to the field.
But, it wasn't fair AT ALL when Pepe got a red card.
You see, Pepe did committed a foul.
But did he deserve a red card?
I don't think so.
The red card changed everything.
The strategy, the tactics, the mental, emotion, everything.

But, well, it is what it is.
We couldn't change what's happened in that game.
So, I think Real Madrid should accept these uncool condition like AN ADULT and not CRYING LIKE A BABY.
We will win when it's the right time.
And we will win fair, like a true man.

I am a full time madridista. So, if you read this and don't agree with my opinion, go ahead.
Find another blog who praise your team.
But me, I don't think I speak just for myself.
I speak with prove.
And I speak just like many people think about the game.

Mathematically, Barcelona is just one step ahead to reach the final.
But still, we have 90 mins. to play like a man.
There is no point of giving up.
Just play the best and no matter what happen I will always become a madridista.
Hala Madrid!


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