Saturday, June 25, 2011

Believe is A Hard Word to Do

Well, the date is set.
It's July 1st.
I will have my final assignment presentation next Friday.
I am starting to doubt myself.
I am feeling anxious right now.
Every time I see my proposal or the dummy, I always feel like I did a lot of mistakes there.
Like I wanna go back if I could and fixed everything till they were perfect.
But, obviously I can't.
Now, I know believe is a hard word to do.
Especially believe in YOURSELF.
But, maybe this is the step that I have to pass trough to be a mature human being.
Yes, I doubt myself.
Yes, I feel terrible with myself.
Yes, I feel I let myself down.
Yes, I am too lazy to fix things before the deadline.
So now I have to face the consequences.
The consequences that push me to BELIEVE in MYSELF.
Believe that I did everything I could.
Believe that these things is my destiny.
And let God decides what's best for me.

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^^ Dheyzhere

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