Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I'm Thirsty..But, Hey, We Meet Again!!

I am thirsty. Literally.
Fasting here.
But, whatever..

Long time no see.
Long time no write.
I said I would go back to my blog ASAP after I finished getting my degree.
But hey. I am a liar.

The fact that I don't have a camera right now makes me sick.
Really. (Remember? I broke my camera. And still no fixing yet.)
I can't take any picture.
Really. Really Suck.
My mom promise she will buy a new camera for me.
But, it's not a cheap thing, right?
So, we currently saving our money to buy new camera here.
Hopefully I can buy it soon. Keep my fingers cross!!

But, on the bright side.
I got a very good score in my mini-thesis presentation. Yaaaay!!
Finally, it's finish. I am done. I get my degree.

I am currently enjoying my 'no-work' self at home.
No job, no money, no boyfriend, no everything.
Just me, myself, and my cats.
Oh, and my laptop and internet.

I haven't thought about my next step yet (I mean about finding a job).
Should think about it soon.
My mom keep pushing me.
Thx mom.
I still think about taking a job in fashion field or journalism field.
I wanna be a fashion or sport journalist.
But, I'm thinking I really wanna take some short courses too, you know.
Like singing, dancing, or cooking.
Maybe in the future I can be a Chef. Haha.
Who knows I maybe can be a devilish partner for Che f Gordon Ramsey from Hell's Kitchen, hahaha. (No way. With my high blood pressure, I think I'm gonna die in there, ^^).

But hey,
at least I'm writing again.
That's a good sign.
Just wait patiently till I buy a new camera, okay??

Oh, and I am enjoying my off day with 2NE1 music beside me.
They are really cool.

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