Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Who Am I?

I am not Spider-man.
I wish I were.
At least I wanna have one kind of super power, whether it is being invisible or a time traveler.

Then, who the hell am I?
What do I wanna do?
Or, in life?
The future?

Who am I?
That's the thing I still can't figure out.
People at the same age of me, they already know what they want.
They want to be a singer, an actor, a fashion stylist, a comedian, a vet, a doctor, or just being a dreamer.
But me?
I'm stuck here inside my little bubble.
Trying to figure out what exactly I WANT to do.

Right now, all I can feel is just a lot of pressure and negativity.
From me, from my shitty life, from Him that I should respect, from my own mind.
Just lonely and negative.
But, when it's time for me to get out of this bubble.
I can't and I won't.
It has a great power of sucking me back in.
That bubble.
Blame it to that bubble.
I am innocent.
The bubble did all wrong.

Fuck it.

I want to be a singer.
I want to be an actor.
I want to be a fashion stylist.
I want to be a vet.
I want to safe animals.
I want to be a sport journalist.
I want to be a dreamer forever.


I want it all.
Yeah, I want it all.
I said it.
I wanna be just like those on the list.

I want to be free.
Just be free.

1 comment:

dech said...

pas awal baca judul postingan lo gue udh langsung jawab "I'm Spiderman!" hahahahah

Eh kpn bs main? Ni anak2 perbojongan dan perbogoran susah bener diajak main.