Thursday, January 26, 2012

They Really Fought To The Death..So Proud!!

Always UNITED! Hala Madrid!


"My men gave a very good performance."

"We deserved much more; we gave a ten out of ten performance and we're proud to be Madridistas"
"I believe everyone watches these games and we had chances to score from the first second of play. They were lucky to score in five minutes. We played our game and stood our ground... We gave a ten out of ten performance and we're proud to be Madridistas. I'm sad but also happy because we proved to be superior."

"We shouldn't think back on last week and instead stick to today's work. Last week, people were saying Barcelona were three steps above us, but today they'll say we're equal. Every match is a world in its own. This always changes."

"We've left a championship we won last year and we must focus on others. Some refereeing decisions were detrimental to us. It's true we've said it was impossible to win here because there are always small details that make it so."
"We had a great sense of sacrifice and feel proud because we proved we are a united group of players and played better than Barcelona. I defend my team and we'll make Madridistas proud. The fans must feel proud of the players. We'll fight to earn that."

"We should be satisfied. We should have won because we were better. I think we were unlucky, but we did a very good job."

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