Monday, December 17, 2012

MUSIC VIDEO: Bad Boy is Hard to Resist!!

These are the stories of good girls meet bad boys.
The girls knew from the beginning that these boys would bring so much trouble.
But, those boys show love that the girls haven't seen before.
Huge love that make the girls blind and forget that their relationship will definitely end in a bad bad way.
But, hey, you live just once. So, why not trying?

They have the craziest time of their lives.
They own the world together.
No one can separate them.
They break rules, they steal stuff, they ruin other people's life.
And, they are happy.
So happy that they forget this relationship is so destructive towards them both.
Until the boys get bored and finally realize that the girls are not worth it anymore.
They need another things to make their lives interesting.
Another journey, another women.
Not tied in any stupid relationship.

So they left.
They finally left the girls in the darkest place.
In a very bad shape.
The girls cry hard.
Don't wanna lose the boys.
But, it was all too late.
They already left.
With the new direction.
Left those girls behind.
With tears and anger.
So, the hunch is true, then.
The boys would bring so much trouble.
Now, the end is here.
It's finally coming.
The girls can only sob for their stupidity, naive decision, and faith that true love was still exist.
But, apparently, it's not.


These music videos pretty much shares the same storylines. I love them even they are dark and supposed to be disturbing. Loving a bad boy is something that women would love to try to do. Well, at least I wanna try it once in my life. Haha. I love the concept and I love the grunge + 90s vibes theme of these three MV. So, enjoy these f*cking stupid love story that will always happen till the end of the world!!!


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