Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The F*cking Motherboard and The Awesome Eye Necklace...!!

Finally, I can turn my laptop on.
Well, it took me 30 minutes to make it alive.
I could probably even do a Gangnam Style dance for 100 times while waited for my laptop to be alive.
It's the motherboard, man.
You don't mess with the motherboard.
It's like the king of your every gadget.
It even has a "mother" in its name.
See, every words that start with 'mother' have an absolute power and control to their universe.
Just say it...Mother-Earth, Mother-Nature, My-Mother.
Yess, the last one.
Don't even dare to make her mad.
So, it's basically working like your brain.
When it ruin, your every things don't even work.
So, I guess I can say my laptop is in a critical condition right now.
If he is a human (yes, I prefer my laptop as a guy), he will probably be on the bed unconsciously with infusion, needles all over his body, and the "beep-beep" thing around him.
Hope my mom will buy me a new laptop soon.

Well, on the good side, I just bought this awesome necklace.
I think this is the most random thing I've ever bought.
But I like it soooooo much.
It's really really cool.
It has this huge eyeball in the middle of it.
Aaaaah, I wanna say it again.
I f*cking love it.

Eye Neclace by JIRAVE Ducan

See ya,

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