Friday, July 9, 2010

Stuck In Front of My Laptop With These Crazy Dude(s)..

I love spending time watching...watching...and watching..
Movies, TV series, Junk videos, everything..

The last movie that I watched was "ORDINARY PEOPLE".
A very nice movie about family from year 1980, directed by Robert Redford.
As you know, Timothy Hutton is a super great actor. He was so young at that time. But, he is never less HOT..Hahahahaha..

This movie was so nice. I love the storyline. I love how it tells us the reality that happen in our lives. That among family members, we don't always share secrets. That sometimes we don't feel connect with our parents. That sometimes we feel that people hate us and love our sibling more. That we often can't be in control in our life. That we need honesty to be happy in our life. That we have to be open to others sometimes. That we have to let go of our heavy burden sometimes. That we have to let people in sometimes. And that we love our parents so much.

The family...

Mom and Son...

His friend, The psychiatrist...

This movie is so nice that I recommend you to watch it.

Oh, and I'm stuck here watching tons of TV series at home. I downloaded 90210, Brothers and Sisters, Glee, and many more. Hahahaha. So teenager, huh?? But, honestly, those are my guilty pleasure. The last couple of weeks, I got stuck with this show. It's called "LIFE UNEXPECTED". As I said before, I love a family story. It's sweet and complicated at the same time. And, I saw Rafi Gavron in it. This actor is kindda a Bad Boy type with this nice aura from him. I knew him from "Breaking and Entering" and "Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist". Uuuh, I love him more. After that, I was instantly go looking from 3 episodes of "24" to see him.

In "Breaking and Entering" (2006)...

In "Rome"...


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nyai dachimah said...

hahaha... udah bosan menganggur blom dah?? udah berapa banyak film dan tv series yang lo tonton??

fidella anandhita savitri said...

oh emang itu org pernah di 24?
yg season berapa?
kok gue ga inget pernah liat org itu *dan kl ga slh udh semua season 24 gue tontonin -7 sea-*

odaho ini dechuan loh!


coba aja lo cek komen di hampir blog org2
isinya ada *spam* dari gue atas nama della

lo ky tmn sma gue deh,,dia tu setiap ngomongin film bareng gue pasti ujung2nya balik lg k ordinary people,,
dia sampe nangis pas nonton *dan dia cowok*
tp ttp aja waktu gue minta dvd-nya *soalnya gue ud lupa sm critanya krn nonton pas msh kecil* pasti tu anak lupa bawa
pdhl dvd2 yg gue CINTA-i itu ga pernah dibalikin!

yah mlh marah2 gue di blog lo

hoho,,piss! pi-pis.

Dheyzhere said...

Dachi: Aga muak juga menganggur tapi sejujurnya, aga males juga buat nyari kerja dan interview..hahahaha..berat diongkos cin..orang Bojong ekstra ongkosnye kl mau keliling jakarte..hahaha..NAJIS..

Dechu: Stop pake akun jawab di blog lw aja ah..