Monday, July 26, 2010

Where Can I Find This Movie??

Gosh, spending time with watching tons of movies really make me happy. This is actually my healing power. Haha. Despite all the pressure that I should feel because of my joblessness, I actually kindda enjoy it, you know, just lay low and do whatever I want.

So, I found this movie one day and I saw this young actor and I like his charm personality. I want to write about his movie and about him especially, but, I think I'm gonna do it another time. After that, I was looking for his info on IMDB and I found this interesting movie called "Adopt A Sailor".

I think the movie is so simple because it just show conflicts from its three main characters. It got a good review too. The cast is amazing that makes me want to watch this movie even more. But, sadly, I can't find this movie anywhere. I really want to watch it so bad.

Can somebody help me?
Where can I get "Adopt A Sailor" movie??

I just found the trailer from Youtube.

Can somebody help me?

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dhecuacat said...

I'm sorry, but I can't.
But will make sure to check it out at Glodok next time XD