Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Better Early Than Never

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The title there is just my excuse.
Well, I'm having a free time today.
So, I decided to have a 2nd blog anniversary early this year.
It suppose to happen tomorrow.
But, I just wanna do it today.


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I'm going for water world theme this year. Just kidding.

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Ooh, and I took pictures today. Here they are.

Just bought this Arale hat. Real awesome.

Arale's Hat>>
Gonzo, Green Cropped Top>> Vintage, Pants>> Somewhere in Depok, Socks>> Sister's, Wedges>> Centro, Bag>> Secondhand, Gedebage, Ring + Bangles>> Bazaar in Bogor, Geek Glasses>> Vintage



Nien said...

gw tantangin pake outfit itu naek kereta ekonomi. sayang ya di indonesia susah jadi fashionable tanpa dilirik orang2. eh eh eh masa surat gw ke belanda aja sampe sih!

Ana Larruy said...

thank you for your comment love!
take care, xxx

dhecuacat said...

Kan seni fashionable itu supaya dilirik orang bukan Nien?
Jadi org2 pada mikir "Woh, keren banget tu orang" nyeheheheheh

Itu beli dmn Odah?! Setau gue Gonzo di Bandung,,bearti lo liburan kesanakah?

Dheyzhere said...

@Dechu: Gonzo buka stand waktu acara festival jepang di Bogor..heuheu..

betul sekali..gw abis baca literatur ttg fashion gitu, katanya fashion berguna buat bikin orang stands out dr yg lain..tp bukan buat ngejar kata2 keren dr org juga sih..basically, just so people notice us,and not just seeing us as a background..