Thursday, April 14, 2011

Look..What I Found on YouTube Today!!

Okay, call me lame or what.
So, this actually happened a year ago.
How could I not know?
Rafa in Shakira's video?
Kindda awesome.
Except the part where she dance in front of him.
And he actually topless and just sat there watching like a *beep.
It's kindda cheesy though.
But, whatever. I mean Rafa in a music video.
Kapan lagi??
And that makes me wanna say:
If someday I become a singer, I will definitely put all of my favorite athlete inside my music video.
Watch out, watch out, Iker Casillas, Gilles Simon, and all.

Agnes Monica new video, Paralyzed.
She always become a leader, in case of creativity and entertainment, here in Indonesia.
I don't care you call this Lady Gaga or Rihanna look a like.
All I know,
as talented as Jessie J herself, she also couldn't escaped of being compared with Lady Gaga and Rihanna.
I mean, whatever.
I like this video.
I like Agnes' attitude.
I love the edgy fashion there.
A mix of local and international taste.
All and all, this is perfect.

Bigbang new video, Love Song.
Hey, GD, oh I LOVE this love song!!
And TOP is always on TOP.



gigianggi said...

hahaha. akhirnya liat video mesumnya Rafa dah. bahkan ini tante gw yg ngasih linknya. hardcore benjet ngefansnya doi. hihihi

Yuni Winingsih said...

agnes cantik bangeeeet! tapi gw bingung alur cerita si MV-nya hahah, kyk asal masukin semua gaya agnes :'(

tapi gw suka banget itu legging batik ya dah kayaknya?