Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Series of (Un)fortunate Event

You don't always have to look stylish all the time.
At least, that's what happen to me.
I think the concept of "Himono Ona" really suits me.
When I am at home, especially when I am working with my mini-thesis, I look like these.
A mess but a thousand percent comfy. ^^
I enjoy myself both.
At home, wearing a shredded T's and a baggy short pants or...
Going outside with a full fun mix and match clothes.
So, (un)fortunately, this is me at house, as real as I can be.^^

By the way, I coincidentally took a picture with Hachiko today.
And look what I found.
Actually, I took a picture with Hachiko a year ago in the exact same date.
So, it's been a year or so for me and Hachi.
My lovely Hachiko is growing up fast.
I love you, Hachi!




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buku.sejarah.hidup.syilfi said...

kangen hachiko dah..bhkan video hachiko ngigo masih gw simpen..hahaha..mau dipijet lagi...