Friday, April 1, 2011

Good News Bad News

If someone ask you, "Which one do you wanna hear first? Good news or bad news?"
Bet a lot of people want to suffer first.
Yeah, hearing the bad news and then be happy with the good news.
But still, coz the good news happens just right when the bad news happen, the happy feeling won't be the same.

So, here is the bad news:

I broke my digital camera today.
Yes, my one and only source for taking picture for my blog is broken.
Arrrgh, it sucks. Really.
It started when I took some pictures today.
Not like the usual, I took a lot of looks this afternoon.
Guess you can't change a habit sometimes.
It fell down from a chair that I use as a tripod.
Yes, I don't have a tripod to take my picture.
So, I use a chair and a bunch of empty boxes to be my "tripod".
But then, they broke my camera.
I guess because the surface of those box is not flat and a bit bumpy.
So, the curse happened.
It was broken and I can't take another picture for a while until I fix it.

And the good news:

I actually have a really nice news for my blog's future.
But, learn the lesson, I don't really wanna share it until it is really fix and happen.
But this nice offer will be my ultimate key to expand my blog, hopefully.
Keep my fingers cross.

So, these are a few "last" pictures that my camera took before it was broke:


Knitted Sweater
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nyai dachimah said...

wah kenapa dah blog lo? aih penasaran deh eike. jangan2 dijadiin situs afiliasi sama blognya ludwin yak. hahaha