Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Crazy Day..

It was crazy today. The rain just didn’t wanna stop so I have to go to my campus in the middle of the rain. I couldn’t go to the train station. So, I beg to my uncle to take me to the campus. But, he was just too lazy to drive a car. Then, you know what, he finally took me with his motor bike. Remember, it was HEAVY RAIN outside!!! So, I used this crazy rain coat to protect my outfit from the water. I just felt like an alien..^_^..That was just 45 minutes in hell..
When I arrived to the campus, the first thing that I should learned was STATISTICS..I HATE NUMBERS..Just not good at counting things or doing maths..
But my last class was ITALIAN..I love this class so much..My teacher is awesome..She told my class a lot of fascinating story about Italian people..
Just fall in love deeper with European countries..hehe

Picture of The Day

My today's outfit to the campus..Very warm..^_^

Jacket: vintage
T-shirt: Anti Beauty
Jeans: cheap stuff ^_*
Shoes: Converse


kaitlyn said...

cute sweater and cuffed jeans. i love your blog!


nyai dachimah said...

kok lo ga foto pk jas ujan yang lo pk selama perjalanan ke kampus?? yang bikin lo malu itu...hahaha