Friday, March 18, 2011

The Best Criminal Minds Episode Ever

I've been told you a couple times before that I am a big fan of Criminal Minds.
And today, it all comes clear.
I have no regret saying that I am truly in love with the show.

I watched the new episode, Lauren, today.
Via online, of course.
And I am loving it.
I love the script, the storyline, and everything on it.
I love the incredible act between the cast.
And, more importantly, I love how Mr. Matthew Gray Gubler directing it.

My favorite moments are:

~ When Ashley and Rossi talked after the shot, strong acting between the two actors.

~Every scenes between Emily Prentiss and Ian Doyle, I think they both are superb and strong.

~I love when JJ told everybody in the waiting room that Emily is gone. I can feel the real strong bonds between the casts in real life (considering the fact that Paget Brewster is leaving the show after this episode).

~ I love when Reid said to JJ, "I don't even have a chance to say good bye", that's when I started crying even more ugly.

~ I love how JJ called Reid "Spence" and then hug him. Just like sister protecting her little brother (I wish JJ wasn't gone too).

~ I love how Hotch kept standing like an ice. Cold and serious without letting any tears come out of his eyes. I believe he doesn't want his team seeing him suffer for the lost. Great leader.

~ Last but definitely not the least, I LOVE how MGG directing the episode. I can feel his passion through this. Congrats, Matthew! We love your work so much!!

So, this is the promo of the episode, Lauren.
If you have time, you should see this show.


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