Friday, March 11, 2011

Imaginary Boy

Imaginary Boy : Hey, girl! What's your name?

Girl : My name is Lonely.

Imaginary Boy : Oh, hi Lonely. My name is Dream.

Girl : Hi, Dream.

Imaginary Boy : I like you, you know. You are cute, stylish, and smart.

Girl : How do you know that?

Imaginary Boy : Because I am smart enough to notice that.

Girl : Nobody ever likes me. I am Lonely, you know.

Imaginary Boy : Well, guess I am the first then.

Girl : You know, I really like you too. I really like your short, brown, and curly hair. And I really love how you wear your cardigans and your watch on the top of the sleeve. And I do really in love with your mismatch socks.

Imaginary Boy : Let's get together, then.

Girl : Okay....but how? When you are on TV and I am in this world?

Imaginary Boy : You just have to Dream about me forever.




Yellow Cardigans>> Secondhand from Gedebage, Tunic>> Unbranded, Leggings>> Mum's, Garfield Shoes>> From Yuni, Coconut Bag>> Bali, Hat>> Somewhere in Depok, Glasses>> Unbranded